How To Build Your Online Authority [VIDEO]

Jill Celeste Founder, Jill Celeste - Personal Branding Coach

Posted on April 4th 2014

How To Build Your Online Authority [VIDEO]

Having online authority means you are a trusted and respected expert in your field – someone that others consider knowledgeable about your niche. When you have online authority, it draws people to you because people want to align with experts. Therefore, building online authority is a must for your personal brand.

Here are some ways you can build online authority and strengthen your personal brand at the same time:

#1: Constantly produce original content

Online authority means you are constantly sharing your expertise. The best way to share your expertise is through content marketing. Writing blog posts, recording videos, creating infographics, designing PowerPoint presentations – these are just a few of the ways you can create content to share your expertise. The more you produce, the higher your online authority will become. Additionally, diversify the type of content marketing you produce. For example, don’t just blog. Consider shooting videos or creating graphics as well. This will extend the reach of your content, bringing your expertise to more people.

#2: Answer people’s questions

Another way to build your online authority is to answer people’s questions. A great way to accomplish this is through Quora, a question-and-answer social networking site. Check into Quora on a frequent basis and search for questions in your industry. Also, be on the lookout for industry-related questions posted on social media. It’s a good idea to be involved in social media groups, such as Google Plus communities or LinkedIn groups, where you can help people on a consistent basis.

#3: Sign up for Google Authorship

When you sign up for Google Authorship, you are telling Google where you produce original content, specifically blog posts and articles. The idea is that if someone is searching on Google and your content answers his question, your blog post or article will appear in the search results. Having Google declare you an authority by allowing your content to appear in search results is a powerful boost for your personal brand.

#4: Find speaking opportunities

Nothing says “I am an expert” like speaking on a topic related to your industry. While offline speaking engagements are fantastic, don’t overlook the benefits of online speaking. Some examples include hosting your own webinar, being a guest presenter on someone else’s webinar, conducting  a Google Hangout, hosting a Livestream or participating in a podcast.

Always look for ways to build your online authority by sharing your knowledge, answering people’s questions and extending the reach of your expertise. Building online authority makes you trustworthy, and that helps pull potential customers and employers toward you. It’s an essential ingredient to a successful personal brand.


Jill Celeste

Founder, Jill Celeste - Personal Branding Coach

Jill Celeste, MA helps entrepreneurs and professionals learn to use social media to grow their personal brands so they can attract more clients, get better job offers and make more money. Jill believes that people buy from those they trust, and the best way for entrepreneurs and professionals to build that trust is through social media and content marketing. Jill is also the owner of Hound Dog Social Media, a full-service social media marketing agency, which helps her coaching clients implement smart social media solutions.

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