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How Content Marketing Is the New Moneyball

Content Marketing is a New Game

content marketingContent marketing is evolving. Earlier SEO was a cinch, as one could just plug in the most searched or popular keywords in the written content, build links, and BAM your page gets optimized in just few clicks! However, now the rules have changed and it is a much smaller field we are playing on as so many new updates have been made in the past one year than the past ten years put together! The whole platform for marketing and developing one’s rank in the realm of SEO has altered drastically and old shortcuts or tricks will not work. It’s time to stop all that flimflam and fluff stuff and do the real thing! The only reliable and real strategy available now is content marketing and SEO is inextricably linked to it more than ever before.

The Catalyst – Create Insightful Content

Content marketing and strategy in a nutshell is all about creating attractive and useful content that influences one to take action either by sharing it, buying your products and services or simply follow your cause. Ensure that your title has the perfect punch and always try taking a unique angle about the topic you wish to promote. Add as many images as possible in the content to make it alluring, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

This Game Requires a White Hat

You can drop all that heavy keyword marinating for your content and stop availing bogus blogs with bad bait to build links (say that fast 3 times!). The right way to achieve better ranking for the long term is to create great content all the time - that's the key for content marketing in this new game. It’s ultimately the quality of content that can make a huge difference, so ensure that you have an arsenal of good writers who can relate any topic conversationally but it must also be loaded with solid information.

Where do you get started in creating a content strategy and content marketing program? Check out the Altimeter Groups free white paper download on Content Marketing and Strategy.  It will give you great insight into where to get started and how to implement a content marketing plan.

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Curate Your Content

Take the opportunity to market your content in various platforms like document sharing (docstoc, slideshare etc), publish articles in directories (ezine articles, go articles, etc), social networking sites (facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc), and in the form of newsletters to magnetize more traffic.  Also, blog at least 2 - 3 times per week and amplify your content through your content marketing ecosystem.  A great tool to help with the amplification is

So it is not just creating great content, but sift and pull it together and be sure its a part of a much larger ecosystem to achieve great SERP rankings. The game has changed and content marketing is the new star player that just walked on the field are you ready to win the SERP game?

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  • Mark Kithcart's picture
    Aug 6 Posted 4 years ago Mark Kithcart

    Yes I fully agree ambrking. Content is King and Marketing is Queen :) Write for content quality first and then use social & syndication for amplifying the great content.  And you can even use - seems to work great for amplifying great content :)

  • ambrking's picture
    Aug 6 Posted 4 years ago ambrking

    Content is king. If businesses wants to be visible and known online, they should provide quality content.


  • Mark Kithcart's picture
    Aug 2 Posted 4 years ago Mark Kithcart

    Well said Susan.  The day is long gone when you could put up an online brochure that would pass as a website. Engagement that drives back to your CTA's (Call To Action) is an integral part of web design now.

  • Aug 2 Posted 4 years ago Susan Geye

    Our clients pay a lot of money for a new website, but that's just the beginning. Rich, relevent, and interesting content for the site, their blog, email newsletter, etc. is what will ultimately drive their brand awareness and customer engagement. We make sure that all our website clients have a content marketing strategy in place when their site goes live. Many of them don't have the time or talent to generate the content-we end up providing that as well. 

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