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How To Create A Profitable Facebook Fan Page

Social media has revolutionized Imagemarketing in a short amount of time. One key ingredient to successful marketing of your product or brand is maximizing your potential profits from social media outlets. Many business owners get caught up in the mechanisms of social media and forget that it can, and should, be used to drive their revenue. Building awareness of your venture is an important step of the process, but, if that awareness does not yield profits, then you are not reaching your potential. Successful business owners separate themselves from the pack and create memorable pages to steer their efforts to maximizing profits.

Separating Yourself from the Pack

To utilize your fan page effectively, you must try to avoid the social media fluff that pervades so many pages. Many business owners get stuck in the rut of counting their fans and not communicating with those fans. A great way to distinguish your page is by providing real value to your fans. 

Providing solutions, or links to solutions, is a great way to connect. Your product or service should be part of that solution so you can generate revenue from fans’ interest or questions. However, you can also branch out and direct your fans to businesses and pages that you feel are of genuine value and that you have built mutual relationships with through social media. More specifically, you can set up your page to include memorable content, links, and advice. 

Creating Memorable Pages

Creativity is king. Many social entrepreneurs strive to find the perfect format that is equally entertaining and informative. Bright colors and social media incentives can definitely help bring an audience to your page, but what will keep the audience coming back? You must add value to your page. Here are some ideas: 

Tutorials: Whether it’s a free or paid tutorial, your audience has a chance to educate themselves and learn from experts. Supply the information and training to empower your audience and leave them wondering what knowledge they will gain the next time they enter your site.

Business Resources: Those tricks of the trade you gather can be imparted on your audience through a list of resources provided on your page. Your audience will appreciate the information and possible contacts to help them establish themselves. This can also include a list of software applications you find useful in your day-to-day business.

Special Sales Promotions: People love deals, and they will check back with your page periodically if they believe you present great deals. You’ll want to create a variety of promotions that could derive from the season, holiday, or new product you have to offer. Combine the promotion with customer testimonials and reviews to add personal value and connection.

Custom Fan Page Tabs: These are essential for building rapport and return audiences. The audience will appreciate the extra effort that goes into customizing material for their needs. You can be creative and offer a variety of items that a fan can choose to customize, and the fan can keep informed and entertained by developing their own unique take on your page and the information it provides.

The most important strategy to remember is that you want your page to remain current. An audience will skip your page if they feel it is outdated or not maintained. You should always be on the lookout for new information you can share and new questions you can answer. Keep your page fresh, modern, and exciting. By adding a few flourishes to your page and focusing on how your strategies affect your revenue, you can create a page that commands your loyal fans and reaches out to a new audience.

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