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How Disney's MyMagic + Is Shortening Waits and Taking Theme Parks Mobile

Disney lovers who’ve always dreamed of moving to the front of long lines at their favorite attractions have something to smile about this year. The long anticipated MyMagic + program is expected to be fully integrated into Walt Disney World parks by the end of 2014. Though the program has experienced some launch delays due to technical setbacks, Disney has stepped up their in-park testing efforts in recent weeks and is moving forward with ongoing evaluations throughout the year.

MyMagic + will completely revolutionize the Disney experience for park goers in many ways, but one of the most exciting aspects of the program is reduced wait times for popular attractions. Now, instead of having to waste precious time in the queue, MyMagic + will allow Disney guests to reserve their spots in line weeks ahead of their visit. The feature, aptly named FastPass +, will eventually replace Disney’s original paper ticket FastPass program which has been in place at parks for over a decade.

So how will FastPass + help improve the guest experience? The most obvious answer is that it is going to cut down significantly on wait times for park visitors. Less waiting means more time for fun. But it also lets travelers make the most of their Disney experience by doing some advanced planning. Guests who enroll in the MyMagic + program can access the FastPass + feature online up to 60 days before their trip. FastPass + allows you to schedule specific windows of time where you’d like to partake in certain Disney Park attractions. So if you’re going to be spending the first day of your trip at Magic Kingdom, you can map out your route and use your FastPass + scheduling to plan your visit accordingly.

Currently, the FastPass + feature allows visitors to reserve spots on up to three rides, depending on the particular Disney park and whether they’re traveling during a busier time of year. To minimize having to endure long wait times, many Disney travelers are opting to use the feature for popular attractions where traditional FastPass access is not available.  

Anyone who has ever visited a Disney park knows that long waits aren’t necessarily limited to popular rides and attractions. In-park restaurants are often overloaded with hungry guests at peak dining hours. To improve the visitor experience, park visitors now have the option of making reservations at dining hotspots in the park through the MyMagic + program. Restaurant reservations can be made quickly using your mobile device. Reserving a table in advance can help cut down on wait time significantly once you arrive at your restaurant of choice.

MyMagic + takes the Disney experience to a whole new level for guests. One of the most exciting features is that guests can plan certain aspects of their trip in advance to skip ahead of long lines. We’re looking forward to experiencing the new program firsthand once it’s fully implemented in all Disney parks.

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