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How to Humanize Your Emails to Make a Real Impact

Why Email Sucks

Email is boring, time consuming and heavily distracting. I would say 10% of the emails I receive are relevant (i.e. clients, staff, prospects, etc.). The rest are social media notifications, promotions or junk emails. Moving to Google Apps has helped cut out most of the junk thankfully. I’m sure your situation is similar. The emails I receive from people trying to sell me something usually end up in a “to-do” folder (if I remotely find it interesting). The real problem when on the other side of the message is how to make sure your emails leave a real impact.

Making Email More Human

The solution, I believe, is video email. Video email breaks through the barriers of regular (text-based) email. Think of how many emails you wrote in the past that were completely misinterpreted. Think of how many emails you wrote that didn’t receive any replies. Think of how many emails you wrote that took more than 30 minutes to compose. Well, with video email, you can kiss all of that goodbye.

Below is a sample process of creating a video email. This particular example is using a new brand we developed called Send Video


So the next time you think about following up with that customer, saying thank you or introducing yourself for the first time, think video email. With Send Video Email you can even receive an email notification when your recipient watches your video. How about that for a follow up tool?

What are your thoughts about video email?

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  • Lisapatb's picture
    Mar 24 Posted 3 years ago Lisapatb

    Thank you Jason for responding to my questions. I have received one similar type email from a person when they go on vacation, they leave a funny video clip til they get back :) Very unique as well. I can see how the video would work in that way.  

  • jasonverdelli's picture
    Mar 24 Posted 3 years ago jasonverdelli


    I have had a lot of success with video email. I get a lot of WOW responses, I think just for the general fact that they rarely get video emails from anyone else. From a business perspective, I see the highest value of video email in new introductions. It's very hard to make an impact in one email with new introductions so what I do is send a video email. This allows me to get my personality, body language and other positive traits found in face-to-face communication that otherwise would be lost in text email.

    The shear fact that you are doing a video email shows you are vested in the relationship. Most people won't understand actually how easy it is to do it, but they don't need to :)

  • Lisapatb's picture
    Mar 24 Posted 3 years ago Lisapatb


    I had not thought of this one, what an awesome idea. I'm sure it would get customers attention more than the regular old text emails that come and go all day long. Have you been able to measure the success using them? 

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