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How to Improve Your Engagement on Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

As with any social network, the answer to the perennial question of what to post on Google+ depends entirely on your social media goals.

If you saw Pagemodo’s Posting Playbook infographic a few months ago, you know the rules for what to post on Facebook and Twitter depending on your business goals. If you’re curious how to similarly strategize your Google+ posting practices, CircleCount and Digital Information World have some answers in the form of the infographic below.

Looking at data from over 800,000 posts on Google+, they broke out engagement by type and found some very interesting tidbits:

  • Photos (which account for 57% of all posts) lead on comments, +1s, and re-shares
  • Links (second most common post type) are actually the LEAST engaging option
  • Text-only posts do very well on comments and +1s, but fare poorly on re-shares
  • Posts with more than 100 characters blow those with fewer away on all metrics

So, what makes the perfect post on Google+? A photo post that is accompanied by over 100 characters, apparently!

How To Get More +1s, Comments and Reshares On Google+

Is this consistent with what you’ve seen on your own business Google+ page? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Dec 24 Posted 2 years ago Didi

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