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How to Improve Your Engagement on Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

The most shared post in my SMToolbox column this year was the interview with Martin Shervington on Google Plus. Martin has now produced a really useful overview of how to improve your engagement on Google Plus.

Some of the key lessons set out by Martin in the infographic below include:

  • build a circle of your top 100 brand evangelists and supporters: if you do nothing else take this advice
  • avoid spamming people by choosing 'notify by email'
  • use the Explore tab to see what others are sharing and get involved in conversations
  • use Hangouts, personally I cant emphasise this enough. You can start to build strong personal relationships with Hangouts
  • join communities but don't just share your own content and focus on one or two where you can commit the time to be involved
  • an engaging Goolge Plus post has images, mentions people, is formatted well and stands on its own as a post, see Martin's tips below.

If you want to take your Google Plus activity further do check out Martin’s PlusYourBusiness Quick Starter kit. There are helpful videos and guides to improve your performance on Google+. You can also follow Martin Shervington on Google+. 


Source: Plus Your Business

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  • Justin Belmont's picture
    Jun 13 Posted 2 years ago Justin Belmont

    We at www.ProseMedia love Google+, but because it's still a fairly new marketing tool, it's great to see information like this. I loved the infographic format as well, because it laid all the information out in a simple and engaging way.  Excellent job!

  • Jun 9 Posted 2 years ago Krish TechnoLabs

    What a great read. I think community engagement is vital. Business without social media presence will surely be left behind. I look forward to hearing more from you :)


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