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How to Incorporate a Custom Facebook Page Tab to Your SM Strategy

Facebook has come a long way from the closed social network that started at Harvard in 2004. Presently at 800 million users, recent projections are predicting 1 billion members by August. Facebook is also growing beyond membership numbers. The social networking website becomes more dynamic with each update, increasing features and functionalities like custom Facebook Page tabs.


As Facebook increasingly plays a more prominent role in our lives, it is up to marketers to understand and utilize the social network to connect with a new type of consumer. Today's consumer expects more transparency and a deeper brand connection.

Despite the new challenges that this poses, converting a consumer into a brand loyal advocate promises stronger commitment to your products and business.

A custom Facebook tab for your Page should be an integral part of your social media strategy.

Why a custom Facebook Page tab?

 A tab should be the support system on your Facebook page that:

  • Reinforces your current website
  • Features more information about your brand
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Ignites a call to action
  • Engages fans in current promotions
  • Fan gate content to attract fans

How do I create a customized tab for my business?

Avoid creating a Facebook tab just for the sake of it. Build a specific strategy and tactic for your tab to ensure that goals are being met and the tab is effective.

Once you build a strategy, create a tab that incorporates social features and maintain an aesthetic that is consistent with your brand.

Track your tab visits through Facebook Insights to view how many visits your tab is attracting.

Where can I create a custom Facebook page tab?

Technology to incorporate Facebook tabs first started up a couple of years ago but Facebook then shifted away from it prevented the integration of "Static FBML" on pages for custom designed tabs.

Since then, Facebook has offered a way to create a custom tab via their developer site: Visit this page for the complete list of directions to creating a custom tab on the Facebook developer site.

Or you can use one of these free programs that are user friendly and packed with capabilities:

A great example of Facebook tab usage is the Red Bull Facebook Page.
Red Bull Custom Tab
Their tabs feature:
  • Landing page
    • A great design
    • Promotes the brand
    • Features fan gated content only accessible to fans
  • Featuring multimedia
    • Games + Apps & are great ways to feature visually engaging content
  • Athletes
    • Red Bull has made an effort to be a legitimate presence in the sports world, between their soccer team and stadium to endorsements with athletes.
      • This is great PR, it separates Red Bull from the other energy drinks on the market and an association with athleticism and sports attaches a healthier and more trusted setiment to the drink
      • Like I said earlier, use tabs to strengthen current campaigns and goals. This tab is not only linked with Twitter, but it features all the athletes that endorse and support Red Bull.
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  • DanielMcGaw's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 5 years ago DanielMcGaw

    Great article, Would love for you to check out site and see what you think. Visit us at , we are not a WYSIWYG builder. We actually professionally design your tabs, and give you support.


    Let me know your thoughts.

  • Feb 27 Posted 5 years ago goofy

    Many businesses now rely on Facebook pages as a primary business channel.
    As a part-time freelance, I've had a countless number of fan page projects sent to me.
    I do not consider myself an amatuer in the realm of programming, but, still, I find these jobs a daunting task.
    At times, the unpredictability nature of the final output (when viewed on different browsers) haunts me in my sleep... ummm ... ok, I admit... not as much as images of my ex, but still.
    It's beyond one's comprehension how many startup's are looking to have their pages up everyday.
    I've seen apps that allow users to build pages by asking them to select page contents from a list of available few features, but that means you're restrained to a limited number of options.
    I'm not even remotely close to being a world-renowned computer scientist, nor am I Richie Rich, but I still want to dedicate myself to doing something for others. And, that is The Rise of the Empire, oh... umm... I meant this site!/propplan/home/Facebook...

    Now, you can stop worrying about the escrow amount or the total cost of your page. Propplan invites you to create page tabs for free.
    Design your page on Propplan and have it published as a tab on your fan page immediately.
    To maximize consumer engagement, all elements placed on your page can be assigned a redirect link and animation.
    Have fun!!!

  • Jan 31 Posted 5 years ago LovingYourLDR

    Great article!  

    I have searched and always found that 'FREE' does not mean FREE - as far as these page tabs go.   Many charge a monthly fee that winds up at a few hundred per year, especially expensive for those managing multiple pages.  They also upcharge on a fan basis.  You acutally pay more if you get more fans. Discouraging, (and expensive) to say the least.  One page, one tab?  Some of the ones listed are great.

    I have 4 facebook pages - ranging from a few thousand fans to over 12,000++ fans for my books. Converting fans and selling my books and driving web traffic is most important for me.  Measuring ROI is important for me as well.  I found one particular just-released Facebook app not listed here, and wanted to share it - as it has many features, allows multiple pages, multiple tabs, multiple fans, has templates, and much part?  It is easy to use with full editor and is a fraction of the cost of others.

    Thanks again for the interesting information.


    Stephen Blake 


  • FeldmanCreative's picture
    Jan 14 Posted 5 years ago FeldmanCreative

    You've introduced some practical and important ideas. Heard of Social Stage? Their apps make it very easy to build out your Page as you would a website. Some modules are even pre-packaged for your industry. What's more, you can offer whatever kind of content you want, capture leads, and analyze the behavior of your pages. So, friends, when you start applying Mary's advice, consider Lots of examples in this article:

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