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How Insurance Companies Are Targeting You on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

It must be hard to be a marketer in an insurance company. You are selling a necessary product that hardly gets the pulses racing like say, an iPad. However, some insurance brands come up with some really creative ways to get their message across - and not all of them resort to cute or cool mascots.

On social media, insurance companies have taken different paths, with some looking to educate customers, some looking for that hard sell still while others are simply looking to entertain.

MetLife, which which uses Snoopy and Charlie Brown as mascots, leads the way on Facebook thanks to their content strategy which does a great job of engaging fans. The other brands that have mascots like AllState, Progressive and Geico are not doing as well on their official pages compared to their mascot pages.

Unsuprisingly, people don't want to be sold to while they're on Facebook, least of all insurance. The insurance companies have clearly identified that highlighting their Corporate Social Responsibility helps their brand image and gets people engaging with the brand.

All the insurance brands, which spend tens of millions on their TV commercials, have taken to YouTube like a duck to water. Of course, it's the funnier ads that captures the fleeting attention spans of Internet users and Geico's Gecko and Maxwell the Piggy are the most popular mascots for viewers. Mayhem, the slightly odd mascot of AllState, has proven to be be more popular than Flo, attracting nearly double the number of views compared to Progressive.

Insurance Companies on Social Media

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