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How to Make a Facebook Ad That Invites Clicks

ImageAre you one among the thousands of business people who often find their FB ads to fall flat? If yes, then be glad because you have come to the right place. Here, you will be getting some easy tips on how to make your mediocre FB ad strategy magnificent; in other words, you will know how to get Facebook fans.  

When you spend your hard earned money on FB advertisements, you obviously want it to work for you i.e. by converting traffic; and it should convert in a way you want it to, like in the form of FB clicks, likes and sales. There's nothing better than having a FB ad that is frequently clicked on. So, let's make it happen!

Begin with “why” 

If you want to know how to get Facebook likes, first think why exactly you are running the ad. Your answer to that is where your smart FB strategy begins, because it will guide you through the entire process of creating an advertisement designed to help you attain more likes. Remember one thing, creating ads for getting likes are the cheapest, while the ones for increasing traffic are the costliest. So, keep the “why” in mind; it will be helpful in the long run.

Use Custom Images

It is extremely boring to see overused stock images in an FB ad. Now that Facebook allows you to use custom images, please make use of the feature. If you are thinking how to get Facebook fans, this is one of the best ways. Ask your graphic designer to get you fun, little, but special images that match your advertisement.

Have a burning headline! 

Facebook has allotted you 25 characters for creating a headline. Use it to its best. Do not name a page for the sake of it; instead, the headline should be such that immediately makes a user stop and click on it. It is not without reason that headlines are considered so important in ads. So, make sure your ad text moves your target audience the way you want it to. 

Give a definite path to your audience

It is not rare to see advertisements that do not tell the audience what to do. This is a grave mistake if you are planning on how to get Facebook likes. When a user clicks on your FB ad, make sure it directs him or her to something or at least tells what he or she can expect once the click is made. Otherwise, your ad will make no sense at all and be purposeless.

Stop being a salesman

Have you failed to convert your FB ads? If your answer is a yes, it's time you try out something else, like Facebook Offers. These are offers that a page owner can use for creating a sense of urgency and lure users into making the much-needed click. 

For setting an offer, you are required to click on the green 'Offer' or 'Event+' button in your status update box. There, you can write your offer, add an image and define your offer. You may limit the number of redemption or make a redemption code, and enter a customized URL so that users can redeem their offers.

So, stop wondering how to get Facebook fansand get one thing ingrained in your mind that only attractive and strategic ads get clicks. It's all about tempting your audience to know what lies behind the click.

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