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How Pinterest Can Inspire You to Write More Blog Posts

How Pinterest Can Inspire You to Write Better Blog Posts

If you write posts for your own blog or are a guest blogger, then you most likely have experienced times when inspiration is lost and the topics for writing have dwindled. When moments such as these occur, you tend to feel like there is nothing to write about or appealing enough to share with your online audience. This is where the photo-sharing site, Pinterest, can help in rekindling the spark for writing that is at times absent.

Pinterest is mostly used for sharing fun, interesting and collectible images, either found on the web or of ones taken by its users and is what the site was intended for, but Pinterest can be useful in other ways too. Instead of looking at Pinterest as a site to find photos; see it as a place to discover stories. Every image you see on Pinterest has the potential of becoming a great article; it just depends on what type of content you want to produce.

Bloggers are always looking to keep their blog up-to-date with recent posts and are constantly in search of topics for writing. Pinterest provides a multitude of interesting images and has many categories to choose from, which makes it even easier to narrow down a subject you would want to cover. No matter if your blog is about food, photography, technology, or has a geeky flair, Pinterest has several categories to choose from and there is something to be discovered within each of them.

All of the categories listed on Pinterest are filled with photos that are connected to their original source or websites, which usually provides additional information about the item(s) showing in the photos that can help with your writing and can also give you the “source” of the image if you choose to use them within your blog posts.

Here are 5 steps on how to get inspired to write a blog post using Pinterest.

1. First choose a category, like “Food” on Pinterest or one that is relevant to your blog. In this example I am going to base it on a blog that writes about the Food Industry.

2. Find 5 images with recipes that would be great to make during the holidays (Tip: To make it even easier look for images that have “recipe” written in the description box below the image).

Finding Inspiration on Pinterest example

3. Click on each of the 5 food images you have chosen on Pinterest to make sure it takes you to a website that has the full details of the recipe so you can use those sites as the “source” of the images and recipe content within your blog post. For instance, when I clicked on the image above on Pinterest it took me to the website: CupCakes and CrabLegs.

4. Create a title, like “5 Festive Recipes for The Holiday Season”.

5. Now you have all the inspiration you need to begin writing your blog post.

It’s simple, chose a category, pick a photo that best suits your style, and unleash the inspiration for writing hidden within the images on Pinterest.

[Top Photo via: Stellar Media Marketing]

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  • Amanda Ryan's picture
    Nov 21 Posted 4 years ago Amanda Ryan

    Thanks Charlene! Yes, I find Pinterest to be a really great source for finding new ideas that can be used for blogging everyday. I'm glad you found the article helpful :)

  • Nov 21 Posted 4 years ago Charlene Fernandes

    This is a great idea to expand your imagination esp. for writters who are looking for something different everyday. It can also help brands to understand what people are more interested in.
    Great work!

  • Amanda Ryan's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 4 years ago Amanda Ryan

    You're very welcome MKTdojo, I know it has helped me and am glad you find it will be useful to you too. Thanks!

  • MKTdojo's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 4 years ago MKTdojo

    Great idea!  Will definitely try it out when I'm out of ideas =]  Thank you for the article!

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