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How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

With a defined social media strategy in place, marketers can rock social media in 30 minutes a day.

Sound too good to be true? It is actually possible if your daily use of social media is built upon a well-developed social media strategy. But, a strong social media strategy does not mean that your brand has to be on every single social media channel out there. Instead, focus on the social media channels that the majority of your customers frequent.

The infographic below explains how having an over-arching social media strategy in place can save you time and make you a more effective social media strategist. This great infographic was developed by the talented Matt Wesson, a Marketing Content Specialist at the marketing automation company Pardot. It focuses on a six channel social media strategy, and how you can build engaged communities around your brand in as little as 30 minutes a day.

So how should you allocate your time on each channel? Well the  infographic breaks the recommended 30 minutes down as follows:

  • Twitter – Allocate approximately 10 minutes a day to Twitter for responding to any brand mentions and retweets, scheduling new messages, and share content of industry influencers.
  • Facebook - Allot approximately 6 minutes a day to respond to comments, like content from clients and/or industry leaders, and share highly visual content (videos and pictures) because they have the highest engagement rate.
  • LinkedIn - Designate 6 minutes a day to share content or news on your company profile, share new content and join discussions in relevant industry groups, and ask questions on your company profile and in groups.
  • Pinterest - Assign approximately 4 minutes a day to pinning any new and relevant company content, repin relevant pins from industry influencers  and respond to comments on your pins.
  • Google- Allocate as little as 2 minutes a day to posting new content on your Google+ company page and asking your followers questions.
  • Instagram - Set aside around 2 minutes a day to share behind the scene photos of your company, new visual content you have created, and inspiring quotes.

And in 30 minutes a day you have managed a 6 channel social media strategy!

As with most things, the more you do something the more efficient you become at it. While it can hard to imagine only allocating 30 minutes a day to social media, over time you will become more efficient at finding and posting interesting content and need less time to share content and respond to brand mentions.

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot Infographic

Embedded from the Pardot Blog


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  • Courtney Hunt's picture
    Jan 22 Posted 2 years ago Courtney Hunt

    Like other commenters, I take issue with this "easy peasy" approach to digital engagement. Here are my thoughts on the matter: Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day? 7 Reasons not to be Fooled.

  • Jack Gazdik's picture
    May 14 Posted 4 years ago Jack Gazdik

    I couldn't disagree more with this article. "Rocking" social involves having great content, activating your audience and careful monitoring. All of those tasks take a significant amount of time. You can read more of my reply to this post in my own blog post "Why Marketers Can't 'Rock' Social in 30 Minutes a Day".


  • Neil Ferree's picture
    May 10 Posted 4 years ago Neil Ferree

    I would be hard pressed to cover the read and reply and engage my Google+ stream in 6 minutes a day. I like the high level view of the infographic, just not sure the 30 minute scale is all that doable?

  • May 10 Posted 4 years ago donatomm

    This article is good for two reasons

    (1) Creates attention and engagement

    (2) Provides sume numbers (everybody is afraid to put numbers on the social stuff)

    Obviously, as "marketer", we already know that there must be elements in place before you can get to stable outupt. Such as:

    (1) A shared vision (measurable business destination)

    (2) A shared strategy (a plan to get there)

    (3) A social media /content/inbound marketing strategy

    (4) Passionate Knowledge and Content Owners/Writes who actually avidly read for most of their time

    (5) A lean approach: build, test, adjust in short cycles

  • Steve Parker Jr.'s picture
    May 10 Posted 4 years ago Steve Parker Jr.

    Couldn't have said it better myself, Brendan. This is simply a way to save time while preloading content. Heck, if that's all you want to do, you can save even MORE time by doing it all in Hootsuite once at the beginning of the week. But is that all we really want to do? For innovative brands, my hope is certainly not.

  • RayDennis's picture
    May 9 Posted 4 years ago RayDennis


  • PRProSanDiego's picture
    May 9 Posted 4 years ago PRProSanDiego

    I agree with Benjamin Espiritu's analogy to the "Get Six Pack Abs in Seven Minutes a Day!" promise. Let me tease it out even more. You have to plan healthy meals and stick to a diet program. You have to do the proper amount of cardio, weight work, and plyometrics, which takes planning and should involve a skilled personal trainer. You even have to get the proper amount of rest. The seven mintues of ab work is just the last piece of the puzzle.

    For each of the few minutes allotted per social media channel, are we to believe this also includes reading through the company material to find the information worth sharing? Both reading AND responding to customers? What if some research is necessary to verify a customer's complaint - including perhaps email or phone calls to other people in the company involved? Are you counting any time to shoot photos or video yourself? And as numerous people have pointed out, this does not take into account the hours invested in accurate research, development of a social media communication strategy as part of a larger overall marketing and PR plan (which should also be coordinated with customer service). Never mind the time keeping up with best practices.

    So sorry, but this is Social Media Six Pack Abs and the promise is just as false.


  • May 9 Posted 4 years ago Brendan Tripp

    How can you "Rock Social Media" with a half hour of "broadcasting" and ZERO time spent LISTENING or interacting?

    Sure, you can spew your client's/company's talking points in 30 minutes all across the social landscape, but that's hardly different than spamming ... there's no interface, no response, no awareness of the individual channels' needs/wants/tone.  You might as well be buying a 5 million name e-mail list and blasting our the material.

    Sure, this post will make a whole lot of Brand Managers feel all tingly about how they can "get some social media" without a major time investment, but the same folks would be just as happy with the e-mail spam.

    The 30-minute regimen suggested here is just another billboard, with no sense of what make social media "social"!

  • MikeWilson718's picture
    May 8 Posted 4 years ago MikeWilson718

    While I think it is unreasonable to put a quality social media effort into 30 minutes, I do think this infographic is a great tool for those who are unsure of what they should be doing daily with their social media profiles.  Many small businesses don't have the budget to hire professional marketers, let alone ones specialized in social media.  The responsibilty falls back on them to try and handle these social media responsibilities.  This can definitely be a great tool to give those types of people direction, granted if they realize it may take more than 30 minutes a day.

  • JasonGardose's picture
    May 8 Posted 4 years ago JasonGardose

    I understood the infographic in less than 30min! lol A clearly define goal can make work more effcient.  Guys have you heard of an App called Priveyo? It's a social media privacy manager app. It's main feature is you can choose what to post and who can see your post in multiple social media sites. But too bad the app is not yet launched and I'm looking forward to it. I think it can help us social media marketers to become more effecient in our work with out thinking privacy issues!

  • May 7 Posted 4 years ago Holly Kolman

    Hi Briana,

    While I agree that it doesn't always take a long time to respond to comments across social media and actually click the "post" button, there are a number of things missing from this implementation plan. It is not a strategy.You left out the strategy sessions that need to occur in order to avoid "Ready, Fire!" and without them you complely leave out "aim."

    A strategy is something that is developed by determining a company's goals, and that takes time. A strategy also needs to include who the target audience is. Tactics are also missing from this plan. For example, will you do a twitter hashtag campaign? Will you do a blogger relations outreach program? Will you do a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest contest? How will you ensure the rules are followed so your company doesn't get booted off the social network for doing it wrong? Who are your influencers and how are you finding them? None of this is listed above.

    In my opinion, this half hour for responding and posting does not include any time for THINKING or planning, or testing to see what works and what doesn't. It's like the sprinkles on the cake, not even the frosting and forget the cake.

    I don't mean to nitpick but you can be sure small business owners will take one look at this article and get expectations that we as social media professionals will not be able to fill, and if we do, you can bet the results will be mediocre at best.

    Kind Regards,



  • Chelsea Marti's picture
    May 7 Posted 4 years ago Chelsea Marti

    I think it's fair to say that this post, while well-intentioned, trivializes social media marketing as a discipline. 

    Consider the source (no disrespect)...there is nothing strategic about this recommendation:

    "And in 30 minutes a day you have managed a 6 channel social media strategy!"

    All of the recommendations in this post are completely tactical, and are 100% based on nothing, from what I can see. Not strategic. Not going to get anyone results worth having.

    Might as well not do social media at all. 

  • seftonmedia's picture
    May 7 Posted 4 years ago seftonmedia

    I really like the infographic. If you have a clearly defined strategy and strapped for time, I can see how 30 mins will be suffice. Just like anything else, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. If you're doing 30 mins and it's working and benefitting you, then great, but if it's not making the use of your time, then I would suggest find more time or do something else that is working with your 30 minutes.

  • jdwodka's picture
    May 7 Posted 4 years ago jdwodka


    Enjoyed this post. I didn't take this as a replacement for social media managers. I think this is a great tool for those just starting to develop their online platform who need a little help keeping on task with their social media efforts.

  • May 7 Posted 4 years ago thepegisin

    THIS ^

    I'd say more, but as a harried social media manager whose job has just been oversimplified, I don't have time.

  • ben.e.david's picture
    May 7 Posted 4 years ago ben.e.david

    This infographic kinda reminds me of 7-minute abs in the sense that it is catchy but ultimately ineffective in what it promises.  You can argue that doing any type of exercise is still better than doing none at all so I won't fault the infographic for appealing to the time constrained marketer.  While I can go down point for point of what is wrong with the allocated breakdown, I think the real harm of the infographic is that it does a disservice to professional social media managers who already have to fight to be legitimized in the eyes of companies who have yet to understand that this is a real position with responsibilities beyond just spending time on Facebook and Twitter. Social media management is not a fad and I think the sooner we move away from the mentality that it is a 30 minute a day job or that effectiveness can be automated, the better it will be for the truly talented professionals to get the respect they deserve.

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