How Social Automation Can Help Businesses Connect with their Audience

Adam Wexler
Adam Wexler Chief Evangelist Officer, Insightpool

Posted on June 7th 2013

How Social Automation Can Help Businesses Connect with their Audience

ImageSocial automation is the fill-in-the-blanks solution to common customer concerns. Simply put, social automation is software that contacts potential customers based on their actions on your website. Messages can be specified based on the visitor’s purchases, what they have done in the past, demographics, etc. Using communication relevant to the individual customer can push inactive users into active users, ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

Let’s use email marketing as an example. Email automation has been one of the rising stars of marketing in the digital age. As soon as a customer gives an email address, creates an account, log on to the company website, he is quote-unquote “being watched”. The software tracks what he buys, when he buys it, and how long it has been since he has visited the site. This benefits two parties:

The Customer:
He can expect to start receiving emails almost immediately with welcome messages; discount offers, abandoned-cart reminders, and so forth, all specialized to fit his attention. This minimizes the chance that the customer will become inactive.

The Business:
Email automation is convenient because the software can store different email lists of customers who require different approaches, and allow a company to communicate with a much larger base than it would be able to were emails to be handled manually. Furthermore, there is automation software that can analyze who receives, who opens, and who reads those email marketing messages.

Social automation can make the Business-to-Consumer relationship both more efficient and more useful to the consumer. And it is gradually expanding outside the sphere of email: as platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn grow in popularity, social media automation is becoming increasingly popular as well.

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Adam Wexler

Adam Wexler

Chief Evangelist Officer, Insightpool

Adam Wexler is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Insightpool, The Leader in Social Engagement Optimization. Fortune 500 brands like Home Depot, UPS and A&E Networks use the software to deliver 'sincerity at scale' through social drip marketing techniques. 

Insightpool was spawned from the creative social media marketing tactics Wexler employed on his prior startup, GoRankem, where they sought to reach a wide audience on a non-existent marketing budget (outside of being the first successful startup to successfully raise money via Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform).

Over the years, Wexler has been invited to speak in front of thousands of students and event attendees about social media and entrepreneurship. At different times, Adam has also been the voice behind numerous brands on social media including Sprite, NCAA March Madness and the band Cracker.

Wexler graduated from The University of Georgia with a focus in Leadership studies.

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