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How Social Media Sites Do UX Design Right

Whether you are building your first social media community online or if you are interested in researching the most successful networks today, understanding the importance of user experience design is necessary for any type of success with an online brand or image. Understanding UX design, or user experience, is essential to help boost your own appeal when attempting to gather new users or followers.

Keeping Up With the Latest in Design Trends

Successful social media sites and networks today understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in design. Whether you want to incorporate a flat UI experience or if you are simply looking for a new color scheme for your brand, it's important to follow the latest trends in design online to maintain your appeal to any followers or potential customers.

Use analytic tools, software and programs online to help with keeping track of your users, the content they prefer most as well as demographic stats to have a better understanding of your audience altogether. Keeping up with trends online and usage trends of your community is a way to guarantee you are capable of delivering what your users want.

Social Media Layouts Flow Well

Social media communities ensure their websites are easy to use, navigate and understand, regardless of the users' own personal experience with browsing online and joining other online communities. The easier your website and social network is to navigate, the more likely you are to find users registering and becoming members of the community themselves. Be sure to check various browsers for compatibility before launching any social network site or community on your own. Cross-compatibility within various web browsers, mobile devices and even tablets is necessary before you begin promoting any online brand or image you want to grow.

Making Social Sharing Tools Interactive and Unique

In order to increase the amount of social shares you receive with the content you post and publish on your network it is imperative to consider how you are promoting your social share tools and which ones you currently have in place. Implementing a social sharing tool or application that is unique, interactive and also flows well with the look and feel of your own brand can help you to stand out among other networks. It is also important to consider the positioning of the social sharing tools you use. Add social sharing tools to all content while also implementing smaller versions of sharing tools within the header or footer of your network to increase visibility.

Inform Users of Reasons to Follow Your Brand

Whenever you want to gain followers with your design and visual appeal, it is important to share a message directly with your visitors upon landing on your network or community. Sharing your community's message and purpose upfront is one of the quickest ways to draw attention to more of the content your site has to offer to its members. Social media communities today understand the importance of keeping message simple, yet effective when attempting to reach any audience.

Use Apps to Make Sharing Content Simple and Effective

Installing applications, widgets and plugins with the use of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal is another way to increase the number of virtual shares your social community receives while boosting the appeal and design. Using applications and widgets are fluid and give you the ability to create social networking communities that are not only interactive, but that are also appealing to a specific group of online users.

Learning more about the importance of UX design when creating a social media network or community of your own is not only a way to attract visitors and potential users who are willing to register, but it is also a way to stand out among competitors in the same industry or field as you. Knowing the effectiveness of proper UX design can help to take your business from an amateur level of success to an expert in any line of work.

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