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How To Spend Your Social Media Money in 2011

There are many ways to promote you or your product through social media, but these are some of the most effective options available to you.

#1 - Facebook PPC Ads

Just like google adwords, facebook has a pay per click (ppc) advertising service that allows you to reach their 500 million plus users. Get Started Here

#2 - Social Media Contests or Promotions

Everybody likes free stuff, encourage facebook users to like your page by offering a contest or promotion. Check out Wild Fire and also Check out Votigo

#3 - Create & Interact with Facebook Groups

Start a Facebook Group, so that fans with similar interests can connect with each other. Get Started Here

#4 - Sponsored Blog Posts

Pay a blog to publish an article about your product or service, inexpensive and very effective. Check out Pay Per Post

#5 - Sponsored Celebrity Tweets

Did you know anyone can pay a high profile celebrity to tweet about their product? This is a very effective advertising method, but can be expensive. Check out Sponsored Tweets

In addition to this, you can use email marketing, video marketing and google adwords to directly promote your facebook or twitter page. Start now and start reaping in the benefits of a successful social media campaign. For More Social Media Tips & News visit

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  • Dec 14 Posted 6 years ago Lehiatus

    I think the first call of order when assigning budget for Social in 2011 is a social landscape survey, otherwise known as research. I say this, because some markets just dont respond to facebook ads, a) because the demographic isnt interested in advertising b) the product isnt interesting or  tangible...

    Consumers can see through advertising or sponsored blogs too, so it's a bit risky if the company or product you are representing has any dirty laundry or questionable positions in the market.

    I really believe the best dollars spent are:

    1. Research- either get listening tools inhouse, or pay someone, but understand your audience and reach before spending money on marketing.

    2. Plan- get a social strategy together, which is aligned with your digital and/or content strategy. This takes time and does cost money, but well worth doing, so you've got benchmarks, objectives, frameworks for engagement, and a clear path of activities for the year. It also identifies risk- which can be the most costly oversight of all.

    3. Identify your internal champions. Train them. Train them to write, train them to research, train them to train!

    4. Identify key blogging influencers in your market. Invite them into the fold. This might cost the amount of a lunch, but the outcome is far greater than the investment- getting transparent, objective communicators out there is GOLD.

    5. Invite your agencies into the same room and share all the above so that everyone working in the online space understands goals, risks, benefits. Again, possibly the cost of a morning tea, and a few hours lost shooting the breeze, but in doing so, you may find you dont need to do a PPC campaign at all- your market may prefer discussion forums in context or a viral video. You just wont know until you spend the money researching.

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