How to Write the Perfect Tweet

Allister Frost Founder, Wild Orange Media Ltd

Posted on July 23rd 2013

How to Write the Perfect Tweet

I’d say this infographic from Neomobile was almost perfect.

But I wouldn’t recommend always placing your links at the end of the tweet, as that’s the first bit that’ll get cut off if people do an old style retweet or append copy to the start of a reply. It’s safer to put your links in the middle of the tweet—even if that may look a bit ugly—so the integrity of the link is never compromised.

After all, a tweet with a broken link is no use to anyone.

So, on balance, I think I’d recommend this sort of structure:

Perfect Tweet Anatomy

(CTA = call to action)

What do you think?

Here’s Neomobile’s recommendation for comparison:

Neomobile Infographic of the Perfect tweet

Image source:


Allister Frost

Founder, Wild Orange Media Ltd

Allister Frost is the founder of Wild Orange Media. an agency specialising in helping companies evolve their marketing for our fast-changing digital world. He is an award-winning public speaker, trainer and consultant with over twenty years experience as a marketing professional. Voted UK Digital Marketing Personality of the Year in 2013, Allister was previously Microsoft's Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and now provides specialist guidance and support to companies on Planet Earth and in Cyberspace.

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Kayleigh Brindley
Posted on July 24th 2013 at 2:54AM

This really is perfect!

I've been struggling to perfect my tweets for ages, never sure on where to put the links, how many hashtags to include etc but this is really helpful.

What would you say about including images?

I know that a lot of people love images, especially as Pinterest is so big now. I like putting an image in wherever I can on my tweets (as long as it's relevant of course) as it seems to me that people are more interested by the visual and respond better to images than just text and links.

Any advice?