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The Ideal Frequency for Posting on Blogs and Social Media

The digital marketeers, all and sundry, have struggled to find out the right answer to this question. How often should we post on our blog sites, and on the Facebook pages to make sure that the audience is engaged, and at the same time, spamming is avoided.

Every brand has its own approach and stratagem to appeal to its target customers, and this why you can find a diversification in the way they post their updates. While there are brands that do not post more than 2 articles a week on their blog, and likewise, keep it limited to 2-3 Facebook posts in a day, there are also those who post in excess of 5 articles in a day and on their social media pages, a post goes live after every hour.

social media and digital marketing and keeping the audience engaged

So, what really works? This is a subjective question, considering the fact that different strategies of similar brands have come up with not-so-insightful results. At times, posting twice a week has led to extremely low user engagement, and at other times, posting with a greater frequency has proved to be a rewardless exercise since users if the respective blog have preferred to visit a website not more than once a day. So, how do you go about it:

For Social Media - You Have Followers, But You Need to be Visible

You might have employed several tools and techniques to get thousands of likes on your Facebook page, but it's time to be clear about one fact – they aren't visiting your page after they have liked it frequently. In fact, studies have revealed that people hardly revisit a page once they Like it. So, what you need is to make yourself more visible by posting regular updates. Now, the frequency of your posts may vary and the ideal frequency can be found out by trying out with different frequencies till you know what has worked in the manner most conducive for you. If you keep posting something on your page at regular intervals, people will be recalled of your presence and it will lead to increased engagement.


When you are posting on a platform like Facebook, you have to make sure that your post stands maximum chances of being liked and shared across the platform. The Newsfeed algorithm of Facebook is apparently leaned towards the posts which are receiving 'Likes, 'Shares' and comments. If your posts are intriguing enough, they might as well make some heads turn.


For Blog – Give them Something New to Read


The blogs are different in the way they engage your audience. While the Facebook and Twitter posts should be greater in frequency, the blog posts have to be more careful in terms of the quality they are delivering. That said, the frequency has to be at appreciable levels. When you post less than twice a week, you might start losing out on your visitors who in five days a week, find the same stuff on the website which is hardly offering them to read something new.


Having said that, if you are posting multiple articles in a day, your audience's attention is being pulled in different directions, which might lead them to ignore all but one post. Now, this hardly helping your cause since you are wasting your efforts on writing as many as 5 posts in a day. Moreover, thanks to the writer's burn, the quality drops off significantly as well.


Social Media Posts Should Mostly be Current, Blogs Should have Content With Long Shelf Life


While platforms like Twitter and Facebook are centered around what's current, the blog can be about current happenings as well as some articles which have a long shelf life. On social media, you can post news around your industry using some images and videos that have a virality appeal. Social media can bring in great results if your page is updating your audience with latest happenings. When it comes to blog, unless you are running a news portal, you are mostly posting content which would be relevant in the long run. A list around Marlon Brando's best performances would be as relevant today as it would be in 2018. so, if it is bouncing around the search engines, you will continue to draw traffic from the same.

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