The Influence of St. Patrick's Day Passion

Cara Tarbaj
Cara Tarbaj Social Media Marketer, Wishpond

Posted on March 13th 2013

The Influence of St. Patrick's Day Passion

St. Patrick's Day social media

A lot of excitement can be created around St. Patrick’s Day if the effort is put in. Provide entertaining content that triggers readers to feel emotional engagement between themselves, your business, and the holiday. Play into the hype of the holiday - embrace the parades, leprechauns, pinching, four-leaf clovers, green beer, and so forth.

It’s important not to stray too far from your industry while employing these ideas.

Many marketers believe that evoking emotion through content marketing is essential to make posts go viral.

In a study regarding the shareability of articles at the New York Times, it was discovered that:

  • Awe was the second most viral type of content to be shared
  • Conversational posts receive twice as many comments on average
  • Posts filled with emotion are typically shared more

According to a study conducted by the University of Indiana, there are 6 primary emotions that humans have that you can tap into with your content.

  1. Surprise
  2. Joy
  3. Sadness
  4. Fear
  5. Anger
  6. Disgust

Especially for St. Patrick's Day, it is easier to stick to the second point - Joy. Anything celebratory  or regarding luck is the most simple to play off of. If you’re feeling creative, try a stab at one of the other six points.

Below, the pin is evoking joy. People find joy in gift ideas for their loved ones.

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Alright, you’re still blank on how to relate your business to St. Patrick's Day? Have you thought about tapping into surprise in a negative way - even disgust? This move is not common, yet will provoke quite the reaction from your audience. You may even realize that more people hate St. Patrick’s Day than you thought!

You may find that some people will react negatively to this, but this is a common risk with social media.

Topics that allow you to share an alike interest or opinion with your fans and followers bring on engaging conversations. For example, maybe Joe in accounting gets pinched every year by all of his colleagues regardless of whether he’s wearing green or not. Therefore, he’s developed a strong dislike for the holiday.

“What do you dislike most about St. Patrick’s Day - the pinching or the crowded bars?” Get the conversation started on your Facebook Page.

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If that seems too extreme and you feel that it won’t go over well with your audience, there’s always a lighter way to play around with St. Patrick’s Day. Think of all the common St. Patrick’s Day gear, accessories, and celebrations.

Cara Tarbaj

Cara Tarbaj

Social Media Marketer, Wishpond

Cara Tarbaj is a social media marketer at Wishpond.

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Posted on March 14th 2013 at 5:45AM

Great article Cara!

Why not start some racist anti-Irish viral crap, just to get a few hits? Sure it's all a joke, isn't it?

You might like to think how that would apply to Martin Luther King day too, a chara.

Pog mo shon. 

And on a lighter note, I'm sure the Irish among you will join me in wishing a Happy St Patrick's to the wonderful Cara!

Now everyone, down on your knees for a few Hail Mary's.