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Jam to Some Tunes via Twitter

Twitterphiles can now discover new music via the Twitter Platform.

Twitter today announced the launch of Twitter #Music, a music discovery platform based on popular music tweets and listening activity. The service incorporates music from streaming and music apps like Spotify, Rdio and even iTunes, allowing users to play full tracks (very much like Facebook's listening activity feature). The service also allows you to follow the artist directly from the app and search for music to listen to.

Screenshot of the web app for the new Twitter #Music service.


The platform populates music in lists to help narrow down potential music choices. The lists take current Tweets, and followers into consideration to deliver person-specific music options. These are the current lists Twitter #Music offers:

  • Popular (new music trending on Twitter)
  • Emerging (hidden talent found in the Tweets)
  • Suggested (artists you might like) - based on your current and past tweets
  • #NowPlaying (tweeted by people you follow)
  • Me (artists you follow)


Twitter #Music | David GuettaThe UI is very reminiscent of iTunes album cover art screensaver, showing tiles with album art filling the page. At the top of the web app has a toolbar with a drop down box for lists, as well as search and settings buttons. Each individual tile displays the album art, the Twitter handle of the artist and the song name. For some lists, like the "Popular" list, a ranking number is also listed at the top left.

When you hover over the tile, a play button comes up, where you can click to listen to songs via one of your connected accounts (read below) and you can also follow the artist directly with the "Follow" link on the top right.



There is  mention of an iOS app available (although I cannot find it in the app store at the moment) and a yet-to-be released Android app. Currently you can access the service via the web app ( although from playing around with it, it seems very buggy.

Listening to full songs:

In order to listen to full songs via #Music, you must have a Spotify or Rdio account and link them to the service. Both services have free options, so you don't have to spend money on listening to your favorite jams. Signing up is easy and connecting to Twitter #Music is as simple as a click.

Twitter #Music supports full song streaming via Spotify or Rdio. While listening, you can directly control the music via the app, and tweet about it while embedding "Listening to..." metadata. The list you are listening from automatically acts as a playlist and auto advances through the tracks listed, so no need to keep finding new songs to listen to.

Twitter #Music Player Twitter #Music Tweet


I like how social media is now working with music services to aid music discovery or make listening to tracks via social media easy. I think Twitter has a little way to go with their service to clear out all the bugs, but.. it is only a few hours old since release. What are your takeaways? How do you like the new service?

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  • Filip Galetic's picture
    Apr 28 Posted 4 years ago Filip Galetic

    It was interesting and breaking news for what, like 2 hours after the launch? Doubt anyone will use it proactively or still is to be honest. I don't still see a way for the artists to actually affect their rankings which would make it much more interesting. Like this, even the marketers who sell marketing can find scant interest in this. A decent PR move for Twitter though.

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