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LinkedIn Drives the Majority of B2B Leads and Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last year the Investis IQ Audience Insight Report found that two thirds of visits to corporate websites from social networks came from LinkedIn. New research from Oktopost shows that LinkedIn not only drives more traffic but also the vast majority of B2B leads and conversions, reinforcing its position as the key social platform for B2B marketers. 

LinkedIn drives the majority of leads and conversions

The latest research from Oktopost has found that over 80% of B2B leads and conversions came from LinkedIn. Twitter was second main source of conversions with 12% of leads converting from Twitter, whereas conversions from Google Plus were low to non-existent at less than a quarter of one percent. The data came from an analysis of Oktopost’s internal database of over 100,000 posts.  Oktopost is a social media marketing platform that helps marketers manage social messages, converse with prospects and generate leads and conversions. See my previous review for more on the Oktopost platform.

LinkedIn groups dominate lead generation...

Most leads are generated from Group discussions with over 86% of leads coming from discussions. This is no surprise as over 96% of LinkedIn posts are made in Group discussions.

But LinkedIn company page posts perform better...

What is surprising is that over 10% of leads are generated from company pages even though less than 1% of all posts are made on company pages. Thus in terms of return on your investment LinkedIn company pages perform much better.

The posts that convert ...

In terms of the type of posts that convert, analysis by Oktopost found that one third of all posts that convert had a question mark in the title. In terms of timing, we have known for some time that LinkedIn activity tends to take place during the working day, however, the latest research shows that most conversions appear to come right after lunch.

See the infographic below for full details on the Oktopost findings.


via Oktopost

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  • Robin Carey's picture
    Aug 28 Posted 2 years ago Robin Carey

    Steve, just getting around to reading this now.  Interesting that this only compares LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter.  As a publisher of a strong niche site, I'd like to suggest that conversions are even greater on a niche site that is focused on your products customers.

    Here's some support for this argument from your fellow SMT blogger: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/why-googles-point-views-changing-sm-roi



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