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LinkedIn Drives More Traffic To Corporate Websites Than Other Social Sites

The first Investis IQ Audience Insight Report published this month, tracked visitors to corporate websites from social media platforms. The research found that LinkedIn drives significantly more traffic to corporate websites than all the other social platforms combined.

According to the survey LinkedIn accounts for nearly two thirds, 64%, of all visits to corporate websites from social media sites and this is steadily increasing. 

Twitter is also gaining in influence, up from 4% in 2011 to 14% today, which reflects the increase in the number of companies adopting Twitter for corporate communications.

Facebook’s share by contrast has decreased by nearly fifty percent in two years, 30% to 17%, and the findings may indicate that Facebook is a declining platform for B2B corporate marketing.

Visits from Flickr, YouTube, Google+ and SlideShare are all negligible currently.  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are responsible for 95% of visits to corporate websites from social media sites. It will be interesting to see how this changes going forward with the growth in Google Plus.


Proportion of Visits To Corporate Websites From Social Media Sites

Proportion of Corporate Website Traffic from Social Media Sites

In summary, there has never been a better time to focus on your LinkedIn marketing, this previous Social Media Today article sets out 9 ways to improve your LinkedIn marketing.

The report also found that 20% of all traffic to corporate websites came from mobile devices. However, less than a quarter of companies (23%) provide either a dedicated mobile site or a responsive website. There is clearly a lot more for corporate websites to do.

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  • chungchiquocgia's picture
    Oct 27 Posted 3 years ago chungchiquocgia

    This information is very important and helpful for me! I will be more attention with Linkedin page.

  • Marie Youngblood-Krebs's picture
    Oct 25 Posted 3 years ago Marie Youngbloo...

    As a B2B resource, LinkedIn is invaluable.  True, it has been hacked by spammers, but the majority are legit biz folks just trying to make a living. The nature of each beast determines it's prey, if I may be poetic.  FB attracts a large audience of the same ilk that watch As the World Turns.  Twitter?  Juries still out by my calculations, though some swear by it.  LinkedIn gives a lot LESS reasons to spam there.  "nuff said...good call on the article.  Thank you for sharing.  www.GhostbloggerMarie.com 

  • Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago ali.imam

    Thanks for the sharing of the information.

  • Link Worx Seo's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago Link Worx Seo

    A lot of the business leads are from LinkedIn. This website has been extremely valuable not just for business, but when searching for other opportunities as employment. Not so much an employment spot now, but is a great way for someone to find good employment opportunities.

    Personally, LinkedIn is used everyday for the company. It is one of the first websites checked daily other than my e-mail account. As for percentages, not sure what my percentages are at the moment. I use the PPC ads on LinkedIn from time to time as well, but not much has come from the PPC ads on LinkedIn.

    As for FaceBook, Ben has a great point. I use it for posting articles I write, but most of the time it is more of a personal website. Can not say I have had much on the leads aspect on FaceBook. As for the PPC on FaceBook. Do not use PPC on FaceBook. Have used PPC on FaceBook for a client once, a small spend amount though. It did prodce one possible lead out of about $100.00 only.

    Great Post...

  • Steve Rayson's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago Steve Rayson

    Hi John, thanks. Yes, maybe I should have pulled out some of the other stats. The overall number of visits from social media sites remains small, though growing, partly because companies use the social platforms for engagement rather than driving web traffic. However, the survey does show that B2B businesses in particular are likely to get more success from LinkedIn than other social platforms, which is useful for companies to know, especially those with limited resources. Steve

  • John Ellis's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago John Ellis

    However, Social Media still accounts for a small fraction of overall visits to corporate websites. The report states:

    "Visits from social media sites have tripled in the past 2 years – but still only represent 1.5% of all visits. Social media is growing in importance but it is not a significant driver of traffic to corporate websites..."

    So, while I agree that Linked-In is a very important resource, and I absolutely agree that it is the trusted social network for business, showing up in search engines is still the most important factor in obtaining web traffic. The report states:

    "Visits from search engines (i.e. visitors finding the site by searching on Google, Bing, etc.) account for over half (54%) of all traffic." 

    And that this value is edging up.

  • Ehtesham Shaikh's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago Ehtesham Shaikh

    Ben I completely agree with you the traffic or visit which we get from linkedin are genuine, because here no one comes for time pass or chit chat and more likely interested in work related stuff. Here is a good infographic on linkedin http://www.pinterest.com/pin/362891682445579295/ check this out.

  • Faaast Cash's picture
    Oct 21 Posted 3 years ago Faaast Cash

    Make your LinkedIn profile as interesting as possible. Professional qualifications and past business successes and experiences would be good things to put in your LinkedIn profile. Use your blogs, website, post events, and conduct webinars to keep the connection running consistently. The "Answers" section is a unique feature of LinkedIn, a bit like Yahoo Answers.

  • Ben Green's picture
    Oct 21 Posted 3 years ago Ben Green

    Thanks for sharing, although these stats are not surprising..People who are active on LinkedIn are looking for business connections and opportunities. When you are on Facebook your friends pictures and updates are what interest you, and you are less likely to be interested in work related content..

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