More Search Visitors with Rel Author

Stanford Smith Managing Director, Pushing Social

Posted on August 5th 2013

More Search Visitors with Rel Author

Search Visitors with Rel Author : Blog PromotionEvery Sunday, I identify one priority marketing task for Pushing Social. I’ve been doing this for three years and it has worked very well. The secret is focus. I can’t ignore or get overwhelmed by one task.

I’ve looked over my past list and realized that these one-a-week tasks are still relevant and effective. So I’ll share them with you every Sunday.

The tips are short and concise. When possible, I’ll add reference posts and articles to help you implement them.

Add Rel Author To Posts for SEO Boost
Have you noticed that some search engine results have the author’s photo placed beside them? This enhancement leads to more people clicking on the results with photos. It’s genius and easy to do.

Google looks for verification that the search engine result can be attributed to you. Rel Author is a tag attached to posts and pages that signals that the blog post is linked to an individual. When Google sees the tag, it looks for a match on Google+. If it finds the link, Google will grab the author’s Google+ profile photo and add it to the search result.

How to do it

You’ll need to register with Google+. Next, download and install this free Rel Author plugin called Social Author Bio. This plugin will walk you through setting up your Rel Author tag.

SEO Plugins like All-in-One SEO and WordPress for SEO will also set up your Rel Author link. Consult the plugin’s documentation for details.

Studiopress, my go-to WordPress theme designer includes Rel Author capabilities into their themes.

It took a couple of days for my mug shot to be shown when I implemented the Rel Author tag. As advertised, I saw an increase in visitors from Google.

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