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My facebook identity

At noon Saturday I picked my new facebook vanity url and from now on I'm Simple and precise. According to facebook, 15min into the action, some 500,000 people registered their urls, at a staggering rate of 550 per second!

The question you need to ask is 'what facebook has in store for us next?' Having your own vanity url has been around for couple of years now, with LinkedIn, Flickr, SlideShare, Gmail, Twitter, Qik and many more. Being a number is so 1984, and facebook realized that. In my opinion (and others) facebook are working on something bigger, that would increase the loyalty of its friends - something like an email service.

And why the heck not? According to recent data facebook has some 200,000,000 loyal users and growing, built-in chat services, strong eco-system of developers - the only thing missing is messaging. And when you pick your vanity url you basically decide your email address:

If you have other suggestions I'd love to hear them - drop a comment below.

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  • Jun 14 Posted 8 years ago faseidl I grabbed my Facebook URL and one for my wife within the first couple minutes.  It was fun watching the freny in the twittersphere during that first hour.  I blogged a (somewhat humorous) look a the first hour of registration:

    The Great Facebook Land Grab

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