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My Vine Experience with Twitter's Micro-Vid Sharing App

ImageIf fun could be crammed into 6 seconds of video, they would call it Vine. 

Vine is to Video what Instagram is to Photos.  No, seriously.  Vine is an easy to use video-sharing app that’s intuitive as much as it is fun.  My first experience with the nimble app was a positive one.  In a few seconds and a brief tutorial, I was creating 6 second videos, equipped with Guy Richie style jump cuts and HD camera focus.

First Vine Post

Scorsese, take heed.

Vine is a smartphone app (only available on the Apple Store for now) that allows the user to share six-second looping videos with their friends on the same available social media networks.  Vine was recently acquired by Twitter, thus the big media push online.  Recording videos with Vine is as simple as holding down your finger on the screen.  Once you lift your finger, the recording is paused.  This makes it an effective tool for creating a “storybook” experience, allowing users to edit together a six second narrative with several jump cuts. 

For example, a chef might show a small clip of his ingredients in the first few seconds.  Then, he lifts his finger to pause the video.  Next, he records himself stirring the batter, then lifts his finger again to pause it.  For the final couple of seconds, he records the final dinner on its plate.  It’s genius!

Vine separates itself from other apps like Viddy and Socialcam with it’s jump cut style recording and ease of use, not to mention the support of the 300 pound gorilla in the room, (or should I say whale) Twitter.  The experience is strictly mobile right now, but users don’t need a Twitter account to participate. 

When you download Vine, the main feed populates on your screen equipped with editor’s pics of the top videos. You can also add your friends from Facebook and Twitter who have Vine accounts, as well as post your Vine updates to those platforms.  However, it seems Vine is still working out some kinks because it crashed a few times when I tried to do so.

Videos automatically begin to play and loop as you see them, and navigating is as easy as scrolling through Instagram.  Overall, Vine is a fun way to capture quick videos and with the support of Twitter, we could finally see a micro-video sharing app with some real earning potential.

Download the Vine app on the Apple app store!





Join The Conversation

  • JohnDSaunders's picture
    Jan 27 Posted 4 years ago JohnDSaunders

    I understand where you're coming from.  If you decide to D/L it, let me know!

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Jan 25 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    I understand what they're trying to do, they want to be the instagram of video, which is a bold idea. I'm just worried about the 6 seconds. I've seen some companies experimenting with it on Mashable here.

    So far my scepticism is being reinforced. I haven’t used it yet, so will not rule it outright until I do, just from first impression I'd rather upload a youtube video. I do like to proven wrong however so I'll wait and see.

  • JohnDSaunders's picture
    Jan 25 Posted 4 years ago JohnDSaunders

    Thanks for reading, Stephen!

    I think the main focus of Vine is the simplicity of its use.  It's more of a quick social media sharing site than a full fleged video search engine like YouTube or Vimeo. They're attemting to emulate Instagram's simplicity and it works well.  I think 6 seconds is a sweet spot and I can't wait to see what marketers do with it.  Only time will tell! 

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Jan 25 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    Hi John, thanks for the article. I have seen the hype behind the app and was curious about it.

    I still don't see the benefits of this say over using your phone's camera to record a video and upload it to youtube? I think 6 seconds is just far too limited, and would be frustrating if you wanted to create a 10 second video. What do you think?

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