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Nine Ways You Can Use Facebook Graph Search to Learn About Your Fans [VIDEO]

blog post featured image template Nine Ways You Can Use Facebook Graph Search to Learn About Your Fans (VIDEO)

One of the most critical aspects of an effective content strategy is to understand your audience. When you understand your audience – really get them – your content strategy becomes crystal clear!

Nine Ways You Can Use Graph Search to Learn About Your Facebook Fans (Tutorial)

In this video, I show you nine ways to use Graph Search to understand your Facebook community.

  1. My friends who like [your org]
  2. Favorite interests of people who like [your org]
  3. Favorite interests of people who like [your org]  and Susan G. Komen
  4. Groups of people who like [your org]
  5. Pages liked by people who like [your org]
  6. Pages liked by women who like [your org]
  7. Pages liked by men who like [your org]
  8. Fans of [your org]  and [another org]
  9. Restaurants in [your city] visited by people who like [your org]

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  • Oct 21 Posted 1 year ago Jeremiah King

    Overall this is a nice video and article. Although, there are a few others things that could be added to the list as well. You can use graph search to find "friends of mine who are married and like (your org)", "Men who like women and like coca-cola", or even something as advanced as "Movies liked by women who are interested in women and that are married and live in Calgary, Alberta ". In addition to finding the interests and likes of certain people and organizations you can refine your search down by using, sexual orientation, marital status, items, and location. All of these things will help you to narrow down your search so that you can micro-target the people who are genuinely interested in your company or particular interest at the moment. 

  • Rick Noel's picture
    Oct 19 Posted 1 year ago Rick Noel

    Great demo of how one can use graph search to learn a lot about an audience to find targeting and cross promotional opporutnities both on and off Facebook. The comments on how the information provided by Graph Search were great examples. Graph Search is going to enable marketers to target psycographics with laser precision in a way that is not currently possible on any other social network. Looking forward to being able to target based on post and status updates once feature gets rolled out.

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