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No Readers? No Worries, Your Business Blog Is Still Valuable


Not to take away from the amazing results that can be achieve by reaching a large and highly targeted audience with your blog content, but not every benefit of maintaining a business blog is dependent on having huge readership.

The reality for most business blogs, at least when they’re first starting out, is that readership can be low… very low.

It can be discouraging to those who are contributing content, and working like crazy to keep a blog afloat to not see unique visitors, page views and subscribers come in droves from the get-go.

Additionally, it can be tough to justify the ROI of your business’ blog to supervisors, management or ownership without having incredible reach.

If this feels familiar, don’t sweat it. There is huge value to be had in maintaining a business blog, even if your readership is low.

Demonstrate knowledge, expertise and experience

Direct prospective consumers or clients to your blog so that they can learn about your depth of knowledge, expertise, and industry or categorical experience. You don’t need massive readership for these incredibly targeted visitors to your blog to experience value from their visit.

If your content is compelling and created to differentiate your business from the competition, you can expect huge conversion rates from these limited visits to your blog.

Feed your social media content pipeline

An article on your blog isn’t necessarily just an article on your blog. A single article can easily be reverse engineered into updates for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, a multitude of tweets, inspiration for your next YouTube video, a series of Pinterest pins, and more. Needless to say, a single blog post can feed your social media content pipeline and translate to huge value across the various social media properties you are engaging consumers on.

Supplement pitch or RFP submissions

Many pitch and RFP requirements dictate what material is to be submitted, which limits opportunity for some organizations to showcase their the full breadth and depth of their capabilities. While decisions under these circumstances are typically supposed to be made based only on officially submitted materials, it would be negligent to think that there isn’t accompanying research done on contending businesses such as yours. Take advantage of this by strategically posting content to your business’ blog to support or prop up key capabilities, demonstrate relevant thought leadership to the RFP requirements, or otherwise supplement your case to be awarded the business you’re pitching for.

Have you ever been discouraged to continue putting effort into your business’ blog? What value have you experienced as a result of maintaining your business’ blog?


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  • RGBSocial's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 4 years ago RGBSocial

    Hi Brooke – That’s such an amazing success story for a young blog. Also, using your blog to compliment your webinars is a fantastic idea.

    Thanks so much for the comment.


  • RGBSocial's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 4 years ago RGBSocial

    Hi Delia – Thanks so much for reading, and for the comment. It’s fantastic that you’re finding some value in blogging beyond page views and comments. You’re so right about correlating the value of meeting just a few people at a conference to developing a few meaningful connections through your blog.

    Thanks again for sharing. 


  • Apr 9 Posted 4 years ago houstonbrooke

    We just started our blog this year, and already we have success by using blog posts to compliment webinar campaigns. 

    We will do a series of posts that are of the same topic as the webinar. We promote the blog posts in addition to the webinar to catch those that aren't quite ready to dedicate their lunch hour to a company they may not feel confident is worthy of their time yet. 

    The first time we did this, the blog posts took 3 of the top 10 pageview spots. Unique pageviews were in the several hundreds. We consider that a win for such a young blog.

  • WomensDigitalWorkshop's picture
    Apr 8 Posted 4 years ago WomensDigitalWo...

    Thanks for the article. Yes it can be silly to get all het up about click throughs and comments. I've just started writing my own blog with very low readership and I feel fine about it. It does take time to write an article but it seems to give me room to breathe intellectually/ professionally, and I agree - give people a sense of who am as a trainer/ professional.  

    Having low readership of your blog is not the equivalent of standing alone at a party (though it did feel like that to start!!) : )  I've had 2 people like my blog so far and they are both amazing people, I'm really touched. If you met a handful of contacts you really clicked with at a networking event you'd be pleased. 

    What is so joyful reading well written business blogs is that they are a labour of love. They are hard to write and they do take time. But if the writer enjoys the journey as well as the outcome, that is the key and readers/customers will sense it. 


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