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Non Profits Lack Social Media Strategy

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Although a growing number of non profits are aware of social media and are dabbling in it, there is a clear lack of strategy, according to a new study from Talance, a Boston-area web development firm.

The 2009 Massachusetts Non-Profit Social Media Report polled non-profits in Massachusetts with budgets ranging from under $1m to over $100m annually. Most (69%) operated on budgets under $1m and 28% operated on budgets ranging from $1m to $5m.

Here's what the survey showed:

  • Non-profits know about social media
  • Most respondents are using social media as a networking tool but are not yet leveraging it as a tool to engage with donors
  • 55% are already using social media
  • 25% are planning to use social media
  • 80% are unfamiliar with microblogging tools such as Twitter
  • Only 7% are currently using a microblogging service
  • Strategy is the missing element.  More than 75% did not have a marketing plan

In another study, the  Community Philanthropy 2.0 survey , there is a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits to participate as trusted providers of credible information and ultimately cultivate the next generation of major donors through the social web. See the results here

Social media power users of both the new 30-49 age brackets and the over 50 bracket have used social media to discuss philanthropy. In fact, 84 percent of the social media savvy aged 30-49 and 55 percent of those older than 50 used conversational media for these purposes. This confirms social media is a potential growth area through which major donors can be cultivated.

All the more reason for non profits to have a long term strategy and weave social media into their marketing.

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