Online Reputation: Is Blogging Still Relevant?

Blake Jonathan Boldt Content Strategist, Reputation Advocate

Posted on September 26th 2013

Online Reputation: Is Blogging Still Relevant?

ImageMost of us remember the early days of blogging. For a few years, it seemed like we could post our every waking thought and someone, somewhere would be interested. As social media provided an outlet for individuals to overshare, blogging seemed to migrate to the business world, where companies and marketers provided content that would regularly lure visitors to their websites.

As professionals struggle to balance marketing duties with website and social media updates during their online reputation management duties, a blog that regularly garners only a few comments could begin to seem a waste of valuable time. However, blog posts show up alongside articles from major news organizations in search results, making it hard to deny the potential reach of a well-timed blog post.

An SEO Goldmine

For online reputation management, a blog provides a great opportunity to optimize content for search engine prominence. While well-written, insightful content is important, having the right keywords can push content to the top, getting more views and building your brand.

If your blog is regularly updated, you are able to take full advantage of search engine algorithms. Fresh content shoots to the top of rankings and gets more clicks from consumers who pay attention to dates in search engine rankings.

You Are in Control

A blog provides online real estate, allowing you to regularly post the latest news about your company, tips relevant to your products or services, or your thoughts on the latest current events. By having your own space on the web, you’ll ensure you stay in control of your online reputation.

Your blog can also be used as a central point for all of your other online activities. Blog visitors can follow links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts. Blogs can also house links to any special events or new products you want to promote.

New Content

Before launching a blog, make sure you have a plan in place to update it regularly. A stagnant blog simply makes your website look like a ghost town. Set up a content calendar that keeps you on a regular posting schedule. If you can only jot down a couple of quick paragraphs each week, go ahead and post as long as your posting quality content.

For online reputation management purposes, a blog is a great way to create a space online that you can update at will. Instead of posting blatant marketing messages, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and provide content that can help them. Over time, they’ll come to realize your blog is a great place to visit for updated, relevant information and, chances are, they’ll share it on their own sites to bring in even more visitors.


Blake Jonathan Boldt

Content Strategist, Reputation Advocate

Committed to the power of the written word, Blake Jonathan Boldt joined Reputation Advocate, Inc. in 2013 as a content strategist. In this position, Boldt is responsible for the creation of educational commentary pieces as well as social media and content strategy services for a diversity of domestic and international clients. His articles have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and digital media outlets.

As a content strategist, Blake Jonathan Boldt has created, formatted, updated and edited content for multiple clients while utilizing SEO best practices. Boldt brings deep experience in understanding the impact of content on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Navigating search engine updates and understanding the variables that are now most relevant allows Blake and his team to focus attention on quality content for each project accepted.

A native of Illinois, Blake Jonathan Boldt attended Eastern Illinois University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies. In 2006, Boldt accepted a graduate assistantship in the mass communications department at Middle Tennessee State University. There, he completed marketing and sales internships with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the Ohio Valley Conference as part of his graduate coursework.

After finishing his graduate studies, Blake Jonathan Boldt served as an account executive for The Tennessean and Turner Publishing. In both of these positions, he engineered and presented marketing and advertising solutions built around content and the integrity of the publications.

For the past five years Boldt has been sought after as a freelance writer in the Mid-south region – writing and editing in several media formats. He has offered his work to several of Nashville’s non-profit and arts organizations. Through content development and creative direction, Blake Jonathan Boldt has overseen new opportunities for media exposure for various clients. He has provided in-depth local news coverage along with political, business, feature, sports and entertainment stories. Boldt has also interviewed 14 Grammy Award winners, including Tony Bennett and Emmylou Harris, as well as local politicians and business leaders.

In his spare time, Blake Jonathan Boldt volunteers with area youth sports programs, assists in library educational services, and attends musical performances throughout Middle Tennessee.

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