Permission-Based Social Media Strategy

Michael Chibuzor Content Producer, Living IDEAS LLC.

Posted on May 11th 2012

Permission-Based Social Media Strategy

How is your business benefiting from social media?

Permission-based social media strategy can help you jump-off the social media nightmares.

There is a better way to approach social media. Every marketing campaign has its penetration concept – when you penetrate these networks effectively, the result will speak for itself.

You can always make adjustments in your social connections if what you’re doing isn’t working as planned. You’ve to carefully merge the market forces and your business goals to achieve results.

“Marketing” - An Arm of Social

A lot of small and mid-sized businesses are struggling to penetrate the market. Do you think the products or services have inadequacies? A thousand times No! Oftentimes, what we visualize in business becomes real and affects us.

Define marketing in your own terms. It’s not all about making money. It’s about creating the aura for a mutual relationship between the marketer and the user.

Marketing is all about knowing your target audience, and creating products and services to meet their needs. Since you know who they’re and their challenges, you can quickly deliver the right solutions and increase your sales by 120% or more.

But first, knot the rapport-tie and run with it.

Marketing isn’t ‘pushy’ or cunning. It’s psychological – speaking to the exact needs of people – what they want to hear and how they want it delivered. This is marketing at its best.

“Social” has a strong nexus with marketing. Both combines to produce a remarkable communication experience between the marketer and the audience. Your social media followers and fans are human beings.

They’ve blood running through their veins. They hate to be sold, but they like to buy. Give them to opportunity to invite you. How?

Permission-based Connection!

Permission email marketing is the ultimate. It helps to capture, connect and build rapport with a target group of people who desperately want answers to bugging questions in their minds, pertaining to life, career, business, family and so on.

Does it matter how many twitter followers you’ve? I don’t think so.

Some social media folks would use twitter tools and apps to generate more followers. In my opinion, this is waste of time. Stay away from such marketing practices and focus on inbound marketing (more on this later).

It doesn’t portray the ‘real’ essence of marketing. Target audience must be aware that you’ve ‘solutions’ for them – when someone follows you on twitter, give them a reason to stay glued to your tweets and retweets.

This kind of attitude will work to strengthen the bond and level out the ground to efficiently market your products and services. When you invest time and money into social media marketing, you’ll be expecting a HUGE return on investment (ROI). Won’t you?

Want to create a viable permission-based connection? Here:

  • Be true to your primary objectives
  • Give, give and give consistently (valuable information)
  • Few responsive fans are better than thousands of followers who don’t care
  • Channel twitter followers to your email list – it’s the best thing to do
  • Educate, entertain, evoke and address bugging issues
  • Simplify marketing and focus on ‘social.’
  • Get rid of all forms of marketing hype, no matter how dim it is
  • Get your message across, don’t impress anyone.

Inbound Marketing! The Key

We talked about permission-based connection and how to use it to strengthen your bond with social media followers. And one powerful way to get people to give you a go-ahead signal is inbound marketing.

Truth be told, people who stumble on your blog from organic sources like search engines, web 2.0 contextual links and digital content directories (article directories, blog directories, search engine directories and PR sites), will build up interest in you faster than people who come from pay per click campaigns, link exchange channels and so on.

With inbound marketing, you don’t need to chase potential clients; you allow them to come to you. Blogging is one powerful inbound marketing system that can attract social media users who will permit you to send insightful information and offers to them.

With blogging, you can enhance permission-based social media connection easily.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Define your niche (be specific)
  • Study your market to know what’s hot
  • Connect with industry experts to tap into their strong concepts
  • Write quality and solution-based blog posts
  • Be consistent: it pays to keep at it
  • Install social sharing buttons for (digg, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Craft exceptional headlines (capture reader’s attention)
  • Write persuasively, tell readers what to do (share, subscribe, buy, download etc.)
  • Give generously. There’s no better way to earn trust

Take This Home

The effect of social media networks in our lives and businesses cannot be ignored. If you can grasp the ‘real’ concept behind ‘social’ and ‘marketing,’ the media will heartily promote your blog to greater heights of internet marketing success. See you ahead!

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Content Producer, Living IDEAS LLC.

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