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Pinterest for Business: How to Convert a Personal Account into a Brand Profile

The fact that Pinterest only offered personal accounts didn’t keep businesses from jumping on the hottest new social platform. Personal settings were manipulated so brands could keep their image while participating. It wasn’t the best scenario, but it worked. Companies could share content with their customers and prospects.

Pinterest keeps getting better and better. The latest move is makes it brand friendly by offering company accounts. They are one of the few social platforms that make it exceptionally easy to switch from personal to corporate. Instead of requiring businesses to create a new page, they have a simple conversion process. To make the change on your account:

  1. Go to


    Pinterest Brand 1


  2. Click “Convert your existing account”


    Pinterest Brand 2


  3. Complete the form. When the terms are accepted by clicking the box, a “Convert Account” button appears. Click it.


    Pinterest Brand 3


    Note: Changing the Username didn’t work on the conversion page in the test. If you want a username change, make the change under settings in your account.


  4. Your page is opened when the conversion is complete.


    Pinterest Brand 4

Pinterest also allows you to verify your page making it harder for others to use your brand. The red circle with a white check in the above image is the sign that the page is verified. To verify your page, log in to Pinterest and go to settings. Scroll down to your website information and click “Verify Website.”

Pinterest Brand 5 

A small snippet of html code will be created. A new box will appear. Keep it open until the three step process is completed.

  1. Download the snippet file from Pinterest.
  2. Upload the file to your website.
  3. Click the “Click Here” link to complete the process.

You’re done! Your company Pinterest page is officially verified.


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