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Pinterest: Here’s What Business Owners Must Know

One of the social media that is booming for small businesses since the latter half of 2012 is Pinterest. Small businesses are beginning to utilize this network for their marketing efforts, and if you haven’t by now, you should, too! Since Flash to HTML5 conversion is at its peak, the ongoing challenge is how to conquer competitors and be on top when delivering content and campaigns on the web given its wide accessibility. In this article, we will provide you with five essential tips for a successful marketing strategy in Pinterest.

Here’s What Business Owners Must Know

1. Link Pinterest with Other Social Networking Sites

“No man is an island” is how the saying goes. Similarly, no social networking sites should be free of other similar social media out there. To optimize your Pinterest account, you should connect this profile to other outlets like TwitterYouTube, and Facebook. This act will help you increase your reach, your network and ultimate your sales. Target audience are reached not only in one platform but in several ones as much as possible. If you can’t manage them all at the same time, you might want to hire a social media manager. For starters though, adding a Pinterest button in your blog will surely help boost traffic and encourage more friends to re-pin or share your pins.

2. Be Specific with Your Niche

You might be using Pinterest for several interesting reasons therefore confusing people on what really your offerings are about. If you want to target one set of market, you should pin relevant products and items to your board and not have mishmash things that surround your page all over. Be item-specific to promote your brand well and communicate a clear branding impression. In this way, viewers will see that you are addressing only a certain type of product that builds interest to a common group. This network will follow you as a credible source and they will more likely re-pin your pins. Here the focus is to build and market to leads who will potentially be customers of the business.

3. Add Pinterest to Your Blog

In your website or blog, it is customary to add social media buttons for follows and shares. Don’t forget to include the Pinterest buttons, widgets and badges to optimize your social media marketing. This will allow you to enhance your connection with readers and encourage them to also share your posts to others. They can also pin your content to their own pinboards. This would mean more clicks and increased traffic from people already following you or your company. When people see more of your content, they are able to quickly browse through your page on a regular basis.

4. Use the Right Analytics

Making marketing efforts does not stop when you optimize your account page and interact with Pinterest users. After all is done, you should also track the analytics to measure your performance. Pinterest makes this review of analytics for free for all users with a verified account. Marketers can use this tool to measure their success like traffic, conversion rates, number of impressions of pins, etc. and know how their content resonates to the public. From a “dashboard,” you will view information like the number of unique visitors pinning content directly from your site, those re-pinning our pins, which pins are being re-pinned the most, the number of times your pins appear in the results in search engines in different platforms, and other statistics.

5. Connect Pinterest to Facebook

Facebook is the most booming social medium today and you can benefit more if you have both Pinterest and Facebook working for you in both ways. Pinterest, however, does not have access to Facebook via any plugin and it does not allow connection to this site. By using a specially designed application like “Woobox,” you can bypass the limitation and connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook page. Installation is easy and simple. Then you can link your streams to your Facebook page with a few clicks.


The buzz on Pinterest may have calmed down after its initial launch but its power has not declined. These suggestions will be helpful and valuable for business owners, content marketers, and bloggers to enable enhanced marketing through Pinterest. So go ahead and try them to see great results!

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