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The Power of Valentine’s Emotion in Content Marketing

Evoke emotions from readers with content. Provide entertaining or heartfelt content that triggers readers to feel emotional engagement between themselves, your business, and the holiday.

Many marketers believe that evoking emotion through content marketing is essential to make posts go viral. It could be a picture of a mother hugging her baby, or a story of a soldier reuniting with his love for the first time in a year.

In a study regarding the shareability of articles at the New York Times, it was discovered that:

  • Awe was the second most viral type of content to be shared
  • Conversational posts receive twice as many comments on average
  • Posts filled with emotion are typically shared more


According to a study conducted by the University of Indiana, there are 6 primary emotions that humans have that you can tap into with your content.

  1. Surprise
  2. Joy
  3. Sadness
  4. Fear
  5. Anger
  6. Disgust

Although especially for Valentine’s Day, it is easier to stick to the first two; Surprise and Joy. Anything unexpected or positive in an inspirational or humourous manner will lead people to share your content.

Google’s Valentine’s Day post last year was a touching video that only lasted a minute long, yet created emotional reactions from the viewers. It featured a famous song by Tony Bennett that pulled at the heart strings.

Still have no idea how to relate your business to Valentine’s Day?

Why not post anti-Valentine’s Day content? Get in touch with people’s dislike or disgust of the holiday. You may find that some people will react negatively to this, but this is a common risk with social media.

Topics that allow you to share an alike interest or opinion with your fans and followers bring on engaging conversations.

Include an image or list of things you hate about Valentine’s Day. Engage your audience by posing a question such as, “What do you hate about Valentine’s Day?” Get the entrants to discuss it on your Facebook page.

What do you dislike most about Valentine’s Day? ↓


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