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The Question is the Answer: Social Media Content Defined

What questions should you be asking yourself about social media? Maybe the question is the answer. Clear as mud, right?

So, here's the thing: in social media, a major part of your framework is the key phrase you use. People use the internet as their psychiatrist and "magic 8 ball" alike. It's where people go to ask questions.

So, here's my question to you: What is your specific target audience asking online?

You need to know this, because the answer to that question is the information you should be incorporating in your content to up your organic search.

The top 7 Google searches that start with 'Questions to ask' are:

1. Questions to ask your boyfriend

2. Questions to ask in an interview

3. Questions to ask a guy

4. Questions to ask to get to know someone

5. Questions to ask your girlfriend

6. Questions to ask a girl

7. Questions to ask on a date

If you didn't believe me before when I said that people 'consult' the Internet with their every question, do you believe me now? Who knew 16-year-old girls across the globe were Googling ideas for conversation starters with their boyfriends?!

Anyway, as strange as it sounds, the questions your target audience is asking about life, issues and your product or service are crucial to adopting in your content. So, think carefully about your target audience take a few minutes to brainstorm.

Better yet, seek some research help to determine what phrases you need to own online to drive your traffic to your social media outlets.

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