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The Rise of the Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered who are the Generation Z, Baby Boomer and Millennials? What are the millennial characteristics? What do today's millennials want? What business marketers need to know about millennials?
With 76Million+ members of the Gen Y population, they cannot be ignored. Did you know it costs $24,000 to replace each millennial hire that leaves, and 91% expect to stay in a job for less than 3 years? Or that by 2014, Gen Y will have over $1.4 trillion in spending power? The team at Badgeville has designed below infographic that takes a deeper look into how marketers and managers can get the most out of their workforces and audiences of this age bracket.
The Rise of the Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC] -  What business marketers need to know about
Key takeaways from infographic

Millennilas are predicted to surpass the spending power of baby boomers by 2018.
1 in 10 Millennial makes over $100,000.
Millennials love to shop as compared to 40% of adults overall, they spend 8% more on apparel then those aged 35 to 44, even though they earn 22% less.
45 percent of companies have higher turnover with millennials.
40 percent of millennials think that blogging about workplace issues is acceptable.
Over half of millennials said they would rather Give UP THEIR SENSE OF SMELL than GIVE UP THEIR TECHNOLOGY.

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