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Rise of Social Media in Ecommerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every day, more and more ecommerce businesses are making the switch to social media, despite the fact that online retail experts are still debating the impact of social media on ecommerce sales. What are the benefits of doing so? Why are brands investing heavily in social media channels? This infographic spills the beans.

The most significant impact social media can have on ecommerce is to build trust and generate leads. And reports confirm that these leads coming from social networks are buying. In 2013, 75% of sales generated from social media came from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest making them the top 3 networks people use to find products to buy. When you consider that U.S. consumers are expected to spend an eye-popping $327 billion online in 2016, it is easy to see why one must invest in social media.

This and many more interesting numbers in the infographic below . Also, don’t miss our bonus tips section at the end of this infographic to learn what content works best on what channels.


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  • Shopit4me's picture
    Jul 18 Posted 11 months ago Shopit4me

    E-commerce only meant shopping over the internet but now it has broadened its base. The new trends which have come into the limelight in the year 2014 have rendered a strong hold to this sector

    Better delivery and use of social networking has added on to the momentum of the e-commerce sector.  Social networking sites like facebook and twitter have played a major role in reaching out to the target audience and making them aware of the advantages of online shopping.



  • Apr 16 Posted 1 year ago Jason Dea

    I notice often that people seem to want different marketing channels to be all or nothing. For example they set an expectation taht social shoudl account for a huge portion of sales. The reality is any marketing plan today must be omni-channel and take into account the value of every communication channel with customers. Social jsut happens to be one of them. Is it valueble? YES. Does that make every other channel not valuable. Also yes.

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