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The Role of Color in Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Use the right colors to increase brand recognition and drive purchasing.

role of color in social med The Role of Color in Marketing [Infographics]It’s more important than ever for brands to project their value. Marketers in general understand the need for consistency in color and design. But it’s also vital to move beyond the standard logo and tagline and take a holistic approach to evoking emotions among potential customers across all of your marketing channels — including social media sites. You can use color to your advantage.

Color is a form of non-verbal communication and an important part of our daily lives. The underlying emotions that colors evoke have been cultivated since birth and vary depending on age, geographic location, and gender (e.g. blue for boys, pink for girls). Color affects our moods and feelings, and research suggests that it has a physical effect as well, influencing the hormones that control our emotions. Applying color theory is one of the most powerful methods of creating customer appeal.

Why do you feel like clicking and browsing on some websites and not others? What makes you feel like purchasing from one online merchant vs. another? Could it be because of your emotional responses to their color palettes? Choosing the right color scheme is crucial to how your brand is viewed.

Studies have shown that color:

  • Increases brand recognition by up to 80%
  • Improves readership as much as 40%
  • Increases comprehension by 73%
  • Can be up to 85% of the reason people decide to buy

Some brands become so closely associated with their color schemes that we recognize them even when their company names aren’t visible. Use the two infographics below as guides to creating your online identity.

What kind of emotion do you want your brand to convey?

This infographic from Logo Company looks at the color choices used by major brands. Do you want your customers to feel that you’re trustworthy and dependable like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Blue might be a good choice. What about giving visitors a sense of youth, excitement, or boldness like Coca-Cola, Virgin, or Nintendo? Red may be for you.

guide to color emotions The Role of Color in Marketing [Infographics]

How do colors affect purchases?

Web analytics firm Kissmetrics created this infographic to describe how color psychology influences purchasing. Visual cues help drive buying behavior, and color is the most persuasive element: 85% of shoppers say color is a primary reason why they buy a particular product.

how colors affect purchases The Role of Color in Marketing [Infographics]

Which colors do you use for branding and marketing? How did you select them? Do you think they impact the way visitors perceive you and your brand?

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  • onlinebzDOTcom's picture
    Apr 26 Posted 4 years ago onlinebzDOTcom

    Lovely post!

    I think color is really important for any websites to stand out too. I have visited some websites that are offering great information but difficult to read because of the color they choose for the words and background, sometimes it is hard to read on without being annoyed. 


  • Apr 22 Posted 4 years ago Dave_Thompson

    Nice Analysis!

    It's good to know and implement what colors have an effect on the customers. But this should not be something that marketers should totally focus on. These are things to keep in mind and not work completely as per what it says. Certain changes are good but major changes affecting the overall look must be avoided.  

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