Say it with fewer words.

Posted on May 3rd 2012

Say it with fewer words.

My blog posts always seem to be long. Sometimes as much as 500 words (or more). I find it difficult to say something in just a few words.

But we're all busy with so many things demanding our attention. When you see a long blog post, are you eager to read it? Maybe not.

Brevity: "the attribute of being brief or fleeting."

Sometimes brevity is best. I'm trying to say things with fewer words.


David Meerman Scott

Marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 8 books including "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" (now in 25 languages), "Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead" and "Newsjacking".

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Gregg Freishtat


David, I completely agree with you. We try to be concise in our blog postings, but also rich in content!

Recently, our SEO company suggested MORE CONTENT on our website, which means longer paragraphs, more text on a page, and longer blog postings inevitably. These were suggestions in relation to the recent Google algorithm changes. Our rebuttal? No one's going to read all that! They explained it to us this way: You have to appeal to 1) your audience/prospects...but then also appeal to 2) the search engines (Google). This makes sense I guess, but it is a frustrating thing (since we want our site to look sharp, concise, etc.).

The timing of your post was very appropriate, as we are discussing this very thing right now at our company. We're at a standstill right now, unsure what to do. 

Thanks for the post! And I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.