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The Secret to a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

The Secret to a Winning Content Marketing StrategyWhen it comes to content marketing, brands are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to create content that will drive results. Marketing teams attend expensive seminars, spend countless hours analyzing  statistics about what types of content generate the most engagement, and are constantly brainstorming for brilliant content ideas. If you fall into this category, I hate to break it to you, but the secret to a winning content marketing strategy is simple: act like a child.

Michael Reynolds, President/CEO of SpinWeb, recently wrote an article on HubSpot about this very subject, and he outlined several reasons why approaching content marketing from a child’s perspective is a smart idea:

  1. Children are fearless: As adults, we often spend way too much time over analyzing every little detail before we put something down on paper; youngsters, however, just say it. Some of the best content ideas that we come up with are the first ones that come to mind, regardless of how silly they might sound.
  2. Children are curious: Some of the most common words that I hear out of my toddler’s mouth are “why” and “how.” Just like children, adults learn by asking these same questions. Keep in mind that just because a concept seems incredibly simple to you because you are an expert in your industry, your prospective customers may not have the same knowledge. Be sure to check out our post about how to create useful and informative content. It will captivate your audience, I promise.
  3. Children will tell you the cold hard truth: If you are a parent, you have likely broken out into a hot sweat when your toddler told you very loudly that the woman behind you in the grocery store checkout line had ugly hair. These bold statements can help to set your brand apart in a positive way too. Start a conversation about a topic that your competition may be too afraid to address.

As adults, we strive to lose most of our child-like tendencies; often neglecting some of the key characteristics that can make us successful in our professions.  Sometimes it’s good to let go and act like a child, especially if it helps you create content that drives the future success of your business.

What’s your take away from those three points?  Are you willing to get a bit childish in your approach to content marketing?  We’d love to hear what kind of impact this behavior has on your content marketing!

(Image via Barbara Charles)  

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