Six Essential Tips for a Successful Mobile Strategy for Hotels [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hollie Faulkner
Hollie Faulkner Head Of Marketing Services at Net Affinity, Net Affinity Ltd

Posted on February 26th 2014

Six Essential Tips for a Successful Mobile Strategy for Hotels [INFOGRAPHIC]

The hospitality industry has witnessed a huge surge in mobile activity over the past 12 months, growing at a faster rate than most other industries.

With a 43% increase in hotel related searches*, it is crucial that all hotels have a mobile strategy in place to ensure they maximise the potential of the mobile platform. Dublin-based Net Affinity, who have been at the forefront of mobile technology for the hospitality industry, have released a no-nonsense infographic outlining 6 essential tips for a successful mobile strategy. (*Google Insights into Hotel Vertical In Irelands- Q4, 2013)

Here are the SIX Essential Tips for a Successful Mobile Strategy

1. Have a Mobile Website

A mobile website is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

  • In the past 12 months, hotels have witnessed an average of 46% mobile traffic growth
  • 1 in 3 visits are from a mobile device

2. Create Mobile Specific Rateplans

Mobile Bookings are poised to grow exponentially over the next few years and with this comes a need to have mobile specific rateplans.

  • It is predicted that by 2015, 20% off all hotel bookings will be made via mobile devices. *

3. Upload Quality Images

You must ensure you have a range of high quality images loaded to your mobile web app/ responsive design.

  • Image Galleries receive the 2nd highest interaction on a mobile device. *

4. Develop a Mobile Marketing strategy

With exponential growth in mobile traffic and bookings, consider having a mobile marketing strategy to be found via paid and organic search results.

  • Google Search Mobile queries grew by 46% in 2013, with 43% of all hotel search queries now made via a mobile device.*

5. Hold availability for last minute mobile bookings

Mobile bookings lead time is getting shorter; to grow your mobile revenue, try holding some last room availability where possible.

  • Currently 31% of Mobile Hotel bookings are made for a stay within a 72hr period.*

6. Go Social with Mobile

2015 is the year to leverage Social media via mobile, Ensure you are encouraging social media interaction via your mobile website

  • Mobile Monthly Active Users on Facebook increased by over 45% YOY to 874m.
  • Mobile Monthly Active Users on Twitter increased by over 37% YOY to 184m 
Hollie Faulkner

Hollie Faulkner

Head Of Marketing Services at Net Affinity, Net Affinity Ltd

Head Of Marketing Services at Net Affinity Ltd. Net Affinity is an Independent Digital Agency specialising in design, marketing and booking engine technology for the hotel sector.
Our culture of award winning design and innovation together with a keen eye for emerging trends allows us to deliver services that directly impact on growing revenue for our clients. As experienced hoteliers we have a genuine and wholehearted passion in providing a complete customer centric service to our customers.We pride ourselves on the development of a relationship that allows us to nurture your business and ensure our success is your success.


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