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Small Business: 7 Ways to Make Your Media More Social

90% of business have a Facebook fan page, however many don’t have the time or expertise to create engaging content that keeps their followers entertained and talking.  Here are 7 easy ways to create more customer engagement with your Facebook updates.

1) Inside Information

Your fans followed you for a reason; they are interested in what you do. Some great examples of sharing inside informations are: recipes from your restaurant; or tips from your real estate company on how home buyers can get a better deal. 

social media for restaurants  

The Greenhouse Tavern recently shared the recipe to one of their fan-favorite meals. The post had fourteen shares, compared to their average of two shares. That's a 700% increase!

2) Riddles

Who doesn’t like a riddle? Asking your followers to answer a riddle is a great way to stir up activity on your Facebook. Many brands like to ask normal questions to get their fans to comment, however riddles and puzzles have much higher chances of being shared with friends.

3) Fun Facts

Remember Snapple's "Fun Facts"? Every time you drank a Snapple with a buddy, you always had something fun to talk about. Try to emulate this experience with your social updates.  

snapple fun facts  

Sometime's it's even more benficial to be completely off topic from your business. It can surprise followers and lead to more engagement because of the shock factor.

4) Current Events

Posting about current events is a great way to humanize your brand. People like talking about what’s going on and doing it on your business page shows that you are in touch with them.

5) Promotions

Everyone loves discounts. With many online discount websites (such as Groupon & Living Social) taking up to 50% of every sale as a commission, building your own follower list on your social networks and offering deals is a great cost-effective method to get customers to take action.

6) Memes

A year ago I would have advised against this as they were flat out overused (and most of the time were horrible!). Their usage has fallen back to acceptable levels. The bottom line is that funny memes are funny. Posting one relevant to your industry is one of the easiest ways to get followers “liking” and “sharing”.  

meme for business  

One of our clients, an italian restaurant in New York, got ten times their average "shares" when they posted this meme. It resulted in new likes, followers, and customers.

7) Relevant Articles

Many business owners are opposed to sending traffic away from their websites or social networks, however sharing relevant articles and blog posts is great way to generate conversation without having to create the content yourself. With so many great websites and blogs out there, why not use their hard work for some free likes and shares?  

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