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Social Mashup: Why PinterFaceTwitIgram is Not a Good Thing

ImageBy now, you have surely heard about hashtags becoming functional on Facebook. If you are late to the game, hashtags are used on other social media channels to categorize content in order to make it and other content pieces like it easier to find. Facebook recently announced that they would be implementing this functionality and it should be more widely available as time goes on. While some people are excited about this new function and it might even be a smart move when it comes to advertising, I personally don’t like it at all. We seem to be in an odd place in the evolution of Facebook where it seems to want to be everything to everyone. Remember Facebook, nobody wants to be a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

Facebook is becoming PinterFaceTwitIgram

This might sound silly, but everything that we all used to know and love about Facebook seems to be a distant memory. Facebook USED to provide a well-rounded and user friendly experience which led to it being the #1 place that people spent time on the internet. Currently, Facebook is acting like a jealous 2 year old trying to snatch up features of other social networks that it wants to play with.

  • Bigger, more visual Newsfeed & Timeline – Pinterest
  • Encouraging people to use shorter, more concise text in posts for more engagement – Twitter
  • Facebook bought Instagram, therefore more Instagram integration – Instagram
  • Introduction of hashtags – Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram

Perhaps this is just the evolution of the social network and eventually they will all be the same, however currently they are all very different. Each channel has its own culture and users act accordingly. No matter what Facebook tries to do, these other channels will ALWAYS win. They were the innovators of these features. Facebook can rush to catch up, however they are too big, have too many users and have been around too long to switch things up so much in such a small period of time. Facebook can sample all it wants from other social channels; however Facebook will still only just be Facebook. If the little guys can innovate and change the game, why cant Facebook?

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  • Daniel Jones PR's picture
    Jun 14 Posted 3 years ago Daniel Jones PR

    I definitely agree to an extent that they are trying to do too many of other people's ideas at once.  The amount of annoying posts with over used or incorrectly used hashtags could possibly make Facebook unbearable for some.  It is going to add to the "noise" that facebook already has too much of, making relevant and interesting content more difficult to find.  To play devil's advocate however, it is an opportunity for the conversation about said relevant and interesting content easier to have as well as boosting its interactivity.  It will also add an extra layer to graph search usage, making content and conversations easier to find on Facebook.  Thanks for the post!

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