Social Media Branding for Valentine's Day

Cara Tarbaj
Cara Tarbaj Social Media Marketer, Wishpond

Posted on February 6th 2013

Social Media Branding for Valentine's Day

Incorporating Valentine’s Day into your social media branding is easy.

Here we will show how to incorporate Valentines Day on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
 Plus a Pro Tip:  
      3. Start ahead of time

Facebook: consider making a seasonal cover photo for the occasion.

Twitter: you could do the same with your header image or background image.

Shoppers Drug Mart example ↓

Start ahead of time: Walmart started three weeks ahead of time last year. They have over 26 million fans to date, so they are a great example to follow.

This is an example of a campaign getting users to post on their wall. When you have a significant fanbase, you will have fans willing to post content on your wall, especially if there’s an incentive. Walmart asks fans to post dessert creations for the chance to have their entry featured as a Meal Solution. This is effective because friends of fans will see that they’ve posted on Walmart’s wall, prompting them to take a look and possibly like the page.

Cara Tarbaj

Cara Tarbaj

Social Media Marketer, Wishpond

Cara Tarbaj is a social media marketer at Wishpond.

Wishpond builds social contest apps for businesses. Learn more on their website.

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Posted on February 11th 2013 at 7:58PM

We created a Valentine's Day-themed cover photo for our agency too! Going with our company moniker, our design features a heart with the saying "Wool ewe be mine?" to keep things punny. You can check it out here.