Social Media for Brands, What You Can Learn From Oreo

Lilach Bullock Founder, Socialable Limited

Posted on August 19th 2013

Social Media for Brands, What You Can Learn From Oreo

Oreo is not only a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate disks with a cream filling in between but it’s a brand that really keeps you connected and attached. I have been following Oreo as a brand on Social Media since a very long time and I am really amazed to see how precisely they connect with their audience through their content mix.

Every brand today is turning digital, and Social Media is one of the key things that you can’t miss if you talk about digital. But just having Social Media presence is not enough, it is important how a Brand communicates with their existing fans/followers. It is really important to understand your audience, know their preferences and keep engaging with them on a continuous basis.

Brands like Oreo and Coca-Cola are ‘super brands’. Why I call them super brands is because they are path-breakers, their actions will be considered as case-studies for others; and more than anything they have set an expectation for us, for their audience that they will do the best and we might just go more crazy over them.

Oreo has enormous fan following on Social Media, and here are the latest numbers-

  • Facebook – 34 Million+ fans
  • Twitter – 161K+ followers
  • YouTube – 20Million+ views
  • Instagram – 95K+ followers
  • Pinterest – 3K+ followers (I am still wondering why they haven’t leveraged Pinterest yet)

But as I said having fans/followers is not the end, the actual story starts from there and here are 5 Social Media lessons that other brands can learn from Oreo to increase their engagement and awareness.

Be Original and Creative

Social Media is a platform which gives you ample number of options to be creative. You have text, video, links, polls, ads, contest, giveaways, images and other options to showcase your creativity. Images do wonder on social media and have more virality than any other content type.

Look at the examples below, they are immensely creative to say the least. Simple messaging but great images. Look at the number of shares-


Be Emotional

Another great thing about Oreo is the way they connect with emotions, they have learnt that way to show gratitude to their fans/followers. Oreo makes you fall in love with their cookie, without even asking you to love it. In the below example you can see how they are connecting themselves to their fan Lisa T. born in the same year Oreo was introduced, isn’t that amazing?


Be Humorous

This reminds me of a famous quote “Don’t take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive”. Relaxation, entertainment, social interaction, expressing opinions are some of the most popular reasons why people enjoy being on social media. And if your brand is only talking about selling products and their features, that’s not going to work for long run.

And that’s what Oreo got in their nerves, look at these amazing examples below-


Be Provoking

One of the important ways to engage with your Fans is to keep asking them questions and provoking them to share/comment on the content your brand shares on Social Media. Oreo is a gem when it comes to this, I have seen Oreo campaigns with no materialistic giveaways and prizes but still people participate in huge numbers.

Oreo has created such an aroma that when they ask you something, you try your best to show your love for the brand. Look at image below-


Be Consistent

Consistency is significant on Social Media, because it’s inexpensive one has to put his/her efforts in terms of time to really grow the brand. And thats what the agency for Oreo did, they are consistent; be it Star Trek’s birthday, 40 years of Pong, 1st Flight around the world, 1st High Five or any other event. Oreo can connect every event/occasion you can think of and they never fail to touch your emotions ever with different campaigns and contests they keep on doing.


Now it’s your turn

Tell us what you like or dislike about Oreo? or may be you find some other brand more engaging, please share with us


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