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Social Media: Eliminating Communication Barriers for People with Disabilities

Last night, I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) individuals through a program hosted by the Center for Independent Living of Central PA (CILCP). The program was made possible by a grant, which provided CART service and two interpreters.

I, too, have a hearing disability. I was drawn to social media because of the way we can communicate via message and text. I watch movies with subtitles, so I am ‘programmed’ to read text rather than follow conversation in the traditional face-to-face manner.

My presentation focused on ways that social media can break down barriers – real or perceived – for those with limitations and aid in helping them to find employment.

For those who have a disability, social media is an opportunity to showcase what they CAN do, rather than what they can’t. It gives them an opportunity to have others get to know them as ‘a person,’ rather than a person with a disability.

I am amazed by the individuals I met last night. Most were deaf, and yet, they owned businesses, worked for government agencies and contributed to the community. They had families, friends, funny stories and everything else. They have chosen not to be victims, but rather to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of the people around them.

What an inspiration! They are proof that the adage holds true: you get out of life, what you put into it.

I always wanted a career where having a hearing disability didn’t matter and where I could help people. And, thanks to social media, I can have both.

Who’s inspiring you today?

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  • Nov 29 Posted 5 years ago Catherine Johnson

    I wrote a book about cerebral palsy in 2009.  The Title is "The Two-Cent Jelly Bean Girl, A story about cerebral palsy.  It is a satire.  It can be purchased on Amazon as a paper back and is also on Kindle.


    Although fiction, It is kind of based on my daughter's life, so far.



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