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Social Media Marketing and Why You're Probably Doing it Wrong [VIDEO]

It seems like a lot brands out there on social media are talking at their followers rather than with their followers. But social media is meant to be a platform for two way conversations, not one way. This week, Spencer and Jacey discuss the ways that brands can be more engaging on social media and some tips for how to engage on some of the top social networking sites. Join in every Friday for more on the latest trends in the Marketing and Technology industry.




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  • Jacey Gulden's picture
    Mar 11 Posted 3 years ago Jacey Gulden

    So glad you all enjoyed the video! I think we shall start a movement and pledge that we engage in more meaningful conversations with our social followers. It's just such an easy change to make. Let's all try to be the life of that cocktail party instead of just the jerk standing in the corner! 

  • lebens media's picture
    Mar 11 Posted 3 years ago lebens media

    Hi Jacey, I really like the focus on brands listening and that there are professionals like Spencer helping brands with the online communication.

  • devdigital's picture
    Mar 11 Posted 3 years ago devdigital

    Hey Jacey, thanks for the lovely video on social media marketing. After watching the video, I came to realize that even I am doing something wrong while marketing and now I can easily rectify those errors.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Mar 10 Posted 3 years ago Kent Ong

    HI Jacey, I agree with the cocktail party. So many brands talk to themselves rather than engage with consumers.

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