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Social Media Monitoring Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media monitoring tools (Infographic)

Check out this infographic featuring some of the best social media monitoring tools and more. A whopping 25 tools are included and broken down by category for easy reference. You can see some top picks from the recent Social Media Strategies Summit covering social media monitoring for social listening, social conversation, social marketing, social analytics and social influencer tools.

See also: Top 5 free social media monitoring tools.

monitoring tools

Do check out: Top 5 free social media monitoring tools.

What are some of your top social media monitoring apps?

Leave a comment and tell us more.

(Infographic source: The Social Media Strategies Summit. Photo by Jason A. Howie/Flickr.)

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  • Jan 11 Posted 1 year ago zanim

    In addition to Radian6 and Sysmos, you can also check out http://keyhole.co

    Its a more cheaper alternative but just as effective.


  • maybeworthashot's picture
    Nov 19 Posted 1 year ago maybeworthashot

    Hi Peter,

    Great list!

    I’d like to suggest including webfluenz as well, quite an advanced and cost effective tool.

    It was featured in the Top Social Media Monitoring Tool Report by Goldbach Interactive. It’s also been getting some great reviews.


    - Shobha Thomas, Research Analyst, Webfluenz

  • Nov 7 Posted 1 year ago infospeed

    Dear Peter Trapasso,

    Nice short list, but how about web2monitor?

    From infospeed (http://www.infospeed-research.com/ ), a social media monitoring agency from Cologne/Germany.

    I would like to  see that tool in your final list. ;-)


    Cheers & Thanks




  • Dennis Schiraldi's picture
    Oct 10 Posted 1 year ago Dennis Schiraldi

    Astute SRM is a strong all-in-one tool that continues to keep a relatively low profile and potentially the most comprehensive tool that is on the market today!

  • John O'Riordain's picture
    Oct 10 Posted 1 year ago John O'Riordain

    Thanks, Peter!

    Yet, I wonder what's the story with the all-in-one suites, e.g. BuzzBundle? Are they worth attention?

  • Oct 8 Posted 1 year ago csuta


    Hi Peter,

         How about Radian6? I would have liked to have seen that tool in your comparision list.
    It is a used tool in many companies today





  • JeromePineau1's picture
    Oct 8 Posted 1 year ago JeromePineau1

    You might want to include Sprinkl in the social influencer category as well since our audience management is fairly sophisticated.

    Disclosure: I work for Sprinklr :)

  • Oct 8 Posted 1 year ago satisonline

    Good to see Brandwatch in your comparision list. And i have to admit, Brandwatch is the most  user-friendly platform i have ever used for social listening. Life becomes eassy in setting up listening profiles, creating rules based operations, customizing dashboard and so on.

    To mention they have a great support team. Watch out for the new Brandwatch Vizia, it could be a game changer in social listening. 


  • Peter Trapasso's picture
    Oct 7 Posted 1 year ago Peter Trapasso

    H Adma,


    You should forward your request over to The Social Media Strategies Summit:






  • AdmaMaharjan's picture
    Oct 7 Posted 2 years ago AdmaMaharjan

    Great comparision between the different social media monitoring tools.

    I wonder if you could also have added Simplify360 on the same.



    Adma Maharjan, Community Manager at Simplify360(www.simplify360.com)


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