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Social Media Stats for the C-Suite

Every month I read countless research reports and blog posts on interesting social media metrics. Instead of having them sit on my desk or in a bookmarks folder in my browser, I wanted to pass them along because social media continues to evolve at a rapid clip and it is very easy to lose sight of key metrics or research data that can help make more informed decisions.

Below are 30 of the top stats I have seen over the past few months that can help you either sell social media to the higher ups in your company or help you in securing additional resources for your company’s social program.

  • 5 percent of online shoppers note that social media influenced them to visit a retailer’s website (Foresee)
  • 82 percent of 18-29 year olds utilize a form of social networking (Pew)
  • 42 percent of American internet users over 18 actively use Wikipedia (Pew)
  • 40% of corporate Twitter accounts engage in some kind of customer service (Burson-Marsteller)
  • In 2011 marketers will increase their social media usage by 75 percent (Brian Solis)
  • 48 percent of consumers combine social media and search engines in their buying process (GroupM)Staff Members Dedicated to Social Media
  • 10.5 percent of CMOs say social marketing efforts are effectively integrated into their overall marketing strategy (MarketingProfs)
  • 97 percent of the top US charities utilize Facebook in their marketing efforts (UMass Dartmouth)
  • Of all social networks, YouTube has the highest Net Promoter Score with 50 percent of users saying they would recommend it to a friend (MarketingProfs)
  • ~140 Million Tweets are sent each day (Twitter)
  • 24 percent of adults have posted a review of a product they have purchased (HubSpot)
  • 41 percent of the companies report that there is no staff dedicated to social media (Useful Social Media)
  • 89 percent of companies note that social media will become a useful cog in their marketing mix moving forward (Useful Social Media)
  • 35 percent of small businesses utilize social media in their marketing mix (eMarketer)
  • Facebook expects to bring n $4.05 billion in ad revenues this year (eMarketer)
  • Facebook is the leading social network for nine out of 13 Asia-Pacific countries (Edelman)
  • One out of every six minutes spent online is on a social network (comScore)
  • 73 percent of the US internet population visits Facebook each month (comScore)
  • 62 percent of Facebook users between 35-54 years of age have liked a brand (eMarketer)
  • 64 percent of Twitter users are female (Pew)
  • 85 percent of LinkedIn users are Caucasian (Pew)
  • 47 percent of journalists will use Twitter as a source for a story (Digital Journalism Study)
  • Less than 3 percent of micro businesses utilize Twitter (Vistaprint)
  • 61.2 percent of Facebooking females list themselves as married less than a year, compared to 44.3 percent of males (AdAge)
  • The average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300 percent increase in referral traffic (Search Engine Land)
  • 61 percent of Facebook users who have liked a brand note that they are more likely to purchase from that brand (AllFacebook)
  • 96 percent of Americans use Facebook (Business Insider)
  • 80 percent of social media marketers are using the platforms to increase brand awareness (eMarketer)
  • Only 8 percent of US internet users utilize Twitter despite having a 92 percent awareness level (Edison Research)
  • 46 million Americans check their social media profiles daily (Edison Research)

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  • Aug 12 Posted 5 years ago Brittany Morse ... (not verified)

    Hey Erin! 

    If you read the source of the '96% of Americans are on Facebook' stat, you'll see that the survey participants were all under the age of 50 - obviously going to skew the results a bit. My guess is that the 77% stat either included a broader age range or a larger group of participants, therefore accounting for the lower percentage of internet users. 

    However, depending on your target market, the percentage of Facebook users could be much higher or as high as the 96% given. I think these stats just further emphasize that businesses need to know their customer and where they spend their time!

    Hope this helps!


    Brittany Morse

    Online Marketing at <a href="http://sproutsocial.com">Sprout Social</a>

  • Jul 6 Posted 6 years ago Daw Johnson (not verified)

    Clearly you don't understand how stats work.  "Good grief."

  • Jul 1 Posted 6 years ago Mike R. (not verified)

    So misleading ... example: 96% of Americans use Facebook - who are you kidding?  the source reveals that 96% OF THOSE SURVEYED use Facebook --- good grief - how is anyone supposed to take stock in these stats?  

  • AdrianWalker's picture
    Jun 30 Posted 6 years ago AdrianWalker

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn .... What's next?

    Maybe --  Executable English -- Social Media that gathers Knowledge, uses it to Compute over Databases and Explains the Results.

    You can Google "Executable English" to find this, or go directly to www.reengineeringllc.com .  

    Shared use is free, and there are no advertisements.

  • Jun 30 Posted 6 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

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  • CliffFigallo's picture
    Jun 30 Posted 6 years ago CliffFigallo

    I take full responsibility for the poor choice of title. I expected that there would be hot discussion of the 96% claim, but Jeff did not claim that the stats he included were all verified. I've changed the post title and added a moderator's comment in the summary.

    Sorry for causing the fracas and I'll be sure to qualify questionable stats in the future.

  • steve olenski's picture
    Jun 30 Posted 6 years ago steve olenski

    C'mon Jeff... give me a break. This is EXACTLY what Boyd said it was... "living proof that you can make statistics say whatever you want them to say..."

    This entire article is an embarrassment, especially as one who is a regular contributor to this site.

    The headline is one thing but you did write the article, yes? You did write the line "96 percent of Americans use Facebook" yes?

    How convenient you left out the fact that the 96% represented "96% of the people surveyed say they use Facebook!!!!" which wasnt even 500 people for chrissakes!!

    And you wrote in one of your comments, "It is all about how you utilize the numbers while presenting them."

    Well there I agree with you 1000% cause you did a fantastic job of "utilizing" and manipulating the numbers to your benefit...

    Shame on you... this is a complete and utter disgrace.

    I will never read anything you post again nor give it one ounce of credibility.

  • Jun 30 Posted 6 years ago role_moderator

    In Jeff's defense, the title of the post, as it appeared on SMT, was extracted from the copy in the post in the moderation process, Dean.

    - Kathy, Moderator, Social Media Today

  • Jun 30 Posted 6 years ago Hoi Moon

    I appreciate that you thought to share all the data you have to gather monthly, and posted the sources so there is some useful discussion going on.

    General note: it seems odd a site about social media doesn't have a Google+ button yet.  

  • Jun 29 Posted 6 years ago Dean (not verified)

    This should have been titled "Why Using false Data Will Continue to Make Social Media Lose Credibiltiy in the C-Suite". And by the way, playing it off with "The title wasn't drafted by me" is a cop-out.  Nice linkbait though

  • Jun 29 Posted 6 years ago JeffEsposito

    Hey Boyd, 

    Actually didn't pen the Title on SM Today, they pull articles from user RSS feeds and draft the titles for the posts on their sites. So the title, I agree is misleading and is not one that was drafted by me.




  • boydcarter's picture
    Jun 29 Posted 6 years ago boydcarter

    Jeff, Your article is "living proof" that you can make statistics say whatever you want them to say. I'm sure you crafted the title to be controversial, and indeed, it was, but I suspect it would have elicited just as much attention if it had been "30 Social Media Statistics that may be misleading" or "Social Media Statistics - Don't believe everything you read". And your reputation as a legitimate commentator would not have suffered.

  • Jun 28 Posted 6 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

    96% of the poplulation use facebook?

    That's not only absurb, it's not even remotebly close to the facts.

    About 50% Of the population use facebook according to facebook themselves and that number even dropped a little in May. Other recent studies (no soruces, just google) put the percentage at or below 50% as well.

  • Jun 28 Posted 6 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

    "96 percent of Americans use Facebook"


    This is beyond absurd.


    There are many studies that estimate less than 50% of Americans use facebook and that more than 50% of American use NO social netweorking sites. Just google for the last year and you'll get at least a half dozen good links to studies.

  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago jmorran (not verified)

    What a bunch of silliness.  You're numbers are simply absured, not to mention totally false

  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago JeffEsposito

    Hey Bob -

    What stats are you looking at? http://www.internetworldstats.com/am/us.htm

  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago JeffEsposito

    Jon - Thanks for the feedback and it is why all citations were given. To be honest all numbers can have holes blown through them for sample size. It is all about how you utilize the numbers while presenting them. 

  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago Jeff Esposito (not verified)

    Hi Erin, If you take a look at the research from Pew it breaks out the market that they research.

  • ErinRead's picture
    Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago ErinReadRuddick

    I find this headline hard to believe, as only 77% of all Americans are online, per Pew.

    Jeff can you explain?


  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago xenophrenia (not verified)

    I find it hard to believe a list of stats that include and highlight that 96% of Americans use Facebook when it comes from a study of 418 people and done by BofA?  Really? ... 418 is how you decide 96% use Facebook?  I don't think that many people in the US even use the internet much less Facebook. 

    According to this site http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats2.htm - just over 78% of the population has internet access ... 96% of Americans use Facebook? 


  • ErinRead's picture
    Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago ErinReadRuddick

    I simply can't believe this headline.  Per Pew, 77% of all Americans are online.  Therefore, it is impossible that 96% of Americans could be on Facebook.

    Jeff, can you explain?


    (Sorry to make this a reply, Brittany but I couldn't get the system to accept a new comment)

  • jonbarilone's picture
    Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago jonbarilone

    Jeff, while I can appreciate the stats compilation (and that fact that you included sources--thanks!), you might want to add some sort of disclaimer for the headline.

    Bank of America only surveyed 418 U.S. consumers under the age of 50 and says survey participants "roughly resemble" the U.S. population. Of these 418 people, 96% of them used Facebook.

    I'm not trying to downplay Facebook's widespread national usage, but let's be a little more careful with drawing concrete conclusions from small focus groups.

  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago Bob F. (not verified)

    How can 96% of Americans use FB when less than that have Internet connections? #notcredible

  • Jun 27 Posted 6 years ago Brittany at Spr... (not verified)

    Thanks for compiling all of these stats, Jeff! Still kind of surprising to see the actual numbers even though we know people are active on social networks and using social media to help direct their product purchases.

    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing at Sprout Social

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