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Social Media Is Teamwork. Agree?

Would you be in agreement with me if I say social media is teamwork? The importance of social media for businesses is no more a secret. Similarly, social media is important for any individual, who belongs to the world of web. However, if you are asked to keep count on your social media score, most of you would rate it, based on your social media business pages and profiles. WRONG.

Let’s assume your company has a strength of 50 people. When you are about to calculate your company’s social media score, you should count each and every member’s social media score along with that of your company’s. And this is the reason that every employer should ask his employees to brand themselves on social media.

It’s a simple math.

Your company’s social value = Your company’s official social media accounts + Each one of your employees’ social score

Every employee plays a part in your business. Letting themselves brand on the space would give you an extra point as an employer. You can enrich your portfolio, stating that such talented people are working with you. And there are other benefits as well.

When they will participate actively on social media, your company’s content will be shared more and more. It will increase your reach. Similarly, every person is different in nature and communication. By encouraging them to use social media, you are actually allowing them to market their skill set to a broader niche.

Aren’t they good enough motivations to egg on your employees start from today?

But there are some don’ts as well, if you want success from your initiative.

Don’t ask your employees to share only your company content.

This will bring boredom and they will consider it as a duty. Even if they will start with it, they will stop shortly. Rather, ask them to be themselves while maintaining the company decorum.

Don’t let them share your company’s secrets.

I still remember an incident, when a colleague tweeted about office power-cut and what consequences she had to face. Prepare a DON’Ts list beforehand and make sure everyone understands them properly.

Happy teamworking!

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