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Social Media at Work: Employee Advocacy Success Stories

This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Social Media at Work: Employee Advocacy Success Stories. We assembled a diverse panel to give us their perspective on this topic: Zealous Wiley, the Senior Digital Marketing Leader at HP; Lorrie Sole, the Senior Interactive Marketing Manager from Kelly Services; and Denise Holt, the CEO and Founder of Collaborative IQ. This webinar was also sponsored by Everyone Social.

Denise started us off with some research from Edelman on trust which shows that employees are more trusted than even the CEO of a company. For the last 5 years this dynamic has continued to hold true and even increased. This puts the power in the hands of the employee to have a stake in the future of the company and actually be leaders from within.

Lorrie took over after Denise and talked about how Kelly Services developed a social advocacy program. She talked about the old “manual” way that Kelly Services approached employee advocacy and the new and improved way they approach employee advocacy using Everyone Social. She also talked about how she built a strong foundation with social policies and lots of education to get her program to work.

Zealous then finished off the presentations with a deep dive on how HP uses employee advocacy in their software division. They have over 200 HP Software Ambassadors who represent more than 456,000 connections. These Ambassadors have shared 15,700 pieces of content, received 6,500 engagements and 30,000 clicks/reads of the shared content. Moreover, HP Ambassadors are expected to: share HP content from platform 2-5 times per week and provide feedback to the team.

Now, if you have ever been on a Social Media Today webinar before, you know they are very “participant-driven” and we love to ask your questions of our panelists. Some of the questions we covered were: What kind of culture change did it take to get the adoption of your employee advocacy program? What types of education did you use (internal or external) and if external what sources would you recommend?

If that piqued your interest, you will want to hear the replay of this webinar or review the slides from this webinar. Otherwise we hope you will join us on another Social Media Today webinar! The next webinar is What Does Customer Experience Mean for Your Social Business? Sign up for it or view the schedule of upcoming webinars here.

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