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Social Media Workflow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder how much time you should devote to social media each week? While there is no set formula, this infographic breaks down the  components of maintaining and measuring a social media strategy, based on a 40 hour work week. Maintaining a social media strategy is not only about scheduling tweets and replying to mentions. Rather, social media  marketing is a living process in which each component is connected to the others. From content creation, to post scheduling, to campaign development, to analytics reporting, social media is an ongoing process.

The social media work flow infographic below assigns time benchmarks for eleven components of a strong social media strategy:

  1. Updating social networks – 4 hours
  2. Planning, writing, and publishing blog posts – 7.5 hours
  3. Research and planning internal and external content to share – 4 hours
  4. Curate and share content – 2.5 hours
  5. Engaging with your community – 4 hours
  6. Monitoring brand mentions online – 2.5 hours
  7. Developing campaigns, such as promotions and contests – 2.5 hours
  8. Community growth – 2.5 hours
  9. Strategy management and adjustments – 2.5 hours
  10. Analytics Reporting – 2.5 hours
  11. Contingency time for damage control or unexpected problems – 4 hours

Do you allocate your time in a similar manner? Do you think that one component should have a larger focus during the week? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

social media work flow infographic

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  • May 7 Posted 4 years ago Tackymom

    I appreciate the infographic as these tasks, up to this point, have been farmed out between folks. This helps in having a checklist to make sure all the areas are covered.

  • May 3 Posted 4 years ago MattLozoraitis

    Thanks Brianna.

    I was wondering what you thought is on what this might look like when you apply it to recruiting and social?  In my role I have many clients who (like may of you posting) do not have time for an engagement strategy for jobs (no 40 - hours let alone 5).  But social still matters and the ability to get jobs content online allows them to "check the box" and succeed with out having to hire a new body.  I am curious to hear what you and the community thinks.

    Thank you for opening the discussion - when you look at the 40 hours it can be daunting to an organization just getting strated.

  • May 3 Posted 4 years ago Kevin Monell

    Great infographic!  It would be really nice to have 40 hours to dedicate to social media.

    It's kind of ironic though that there is not an obvious way to share this blog and/or pin or embed this infographic. Just a thought.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • jontybradley's picture
    May 3 Posted 4 years ago jontybradley

    NIce one.  People often ask me this questions so it is good to see a useful breakdown.  

  • mygob's picture
    May 3 Posted 4 years ago mygob

    I wish I had 40 hours for social media ;-)

  • Seshu Madabushi's picture
    May 2 Posted 4 years ago Seshu Madabushi

    Great infograph and as I see it the underlying factor for all these activities to maximize customer engagment - writing great articles like these, coming up with contests etc in my blog post. Given that measurement is a critical factor and governs most of the other components I would definitely allocate more number of hours to this activity.

  • reallyjeannie's picture
    May 1 Posted 4 years ago reallyjeannie Nice of you to share, Brianna, thanks! I think the time varies depending on the type of company and its social media objectives, and the stage its in. Right now i'm spending a lot of time on research and planning for a pre-launch. No i have not been keeping track of my time because i' stollmdon't have a structure. Thank you again for this post, it's good stuff.
  • JKConsultancy's picture
    Apr 30 Posted 4 years ago JKConsultancy

    Interesting article Brianna. I assume that the workflow and recommended times are tailored for Marketers and Social Media/Marketing based companies?

    Many non-marketing related companies would love to dedicate this much time to Social Media, but 40 hours a week would mean they can't run their companies! :)

    I've recently researched Micro-Businesses and how they use Social Media and using the 70:20:10 model based on an 8 hour working day, 48 minutes is the optimum time to spend on Social Media activities. These recommendations vary greatly and I've heard a variety of views ranging from 15 minutes in the morning and evening, 1 hour a day and 90 minutes a day. Such a variety of opinions.

    I guess it all depends on the type of business, their resources, the business owner and most importantly their customers.

    What would be your advice on how long small businesses should spend a day/week on Social Media?

    Great article :)

  • Tatiana Aders's picture
    Apr 29 Posted 4 years ago Tatiana Aders

    Nice infographic. There are so many little admin tasks on top of all of this (client/boss communication, research,  etc) that I can see why my weeks are 50+ hours! Here's a brief infographic of my workflow for content curation

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